Life In Pictures: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow…

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… well, the sun probably won’t. It seems like the whole country might blow away with this storm we’ve been having. But nevermind!

We feel like we’ve said this every week since the summer but we had the BEST day out in London last week. We left the boys at home and travelled up on the train to London’s West End to see an amazing performance of Annie.

annie at the west end 1

Now here’s a little something you don’t know about us: Laura is a gigantic, like GIGANTIC, Annie fan. It was her single most favourite film in childhood (closely followed by Pippi Longstocking, obvs). She used to get it out of the video shop so much that the shop gave it to me in the end! Tia has never seen the show, or film (wha-?! how are we even friends!), so we were starting this adventure from complete opposite sides of the spectrum. But by the end of the show, we were all in the same place – all totally converted. It was Amaaaaaaaazing.

annie at the west end 4

AGT Tickets invited us to the show, to see Craig Revel Horwood in the role as Miss Hanigann. If we’re honest, we were a little skeptical about a man playing the role, thinking it may be a little bit panto – but we were completely wrong. Craig is a totally awesome diva with flippin brilliant moves and an amazing voice. S/he was honestly fab-u-lous Darlings!  And we bumped into him outside at the end (we were absolutely NOT hanging around in case that might happen) which was honestly the best thing ever! He is very very lovely.

annie at the west end 8

annie at the west end 5

This is our girls on the stage at the end of the show! Looking very awkward admittedly, but still. The STAGE!

Take a look at the trailer here.

annie at the west end 6

We had our lunch in the Rainforest Cafe before the show. The kids loved it but WOW is that place pricey!

annie at the west end 9 annie at the west end 3

   annie at the west end 2

Amelie has been drawing pictures of the show ever since. I’m not quite sure what this one depicts. Annie, to the right, and her favourite character, Mollie…. but in some sort of red half-heart. It’s probably symbolic and too avant garde for us.

annie at the west end 10

Get your tickets for Annie here. Craig is only in it until the 26th of November, so be quick if you want to catch him.

~ Tia & Laura xx ~