Life in Pictures

half term 2

Apologies in advance for this random bunch of (slightly rubbish!) photos from our half term…. nothing much appears to be happening in my life right now! So I’m starting with Lilah, dressed as Alex the Lion from Madagascar, which is what she wants to be when she grows up. Amelie wants to work in a shop that makes plates. Bit odd.

half term 1

My parents came to visit last week, we had a little wander to our little beach. The sea was really warm, the sun was all golden and lovely. I only had my iphone with me, but I loved the lighting so I took a few pics.

the beach 4
the beach
the beach 5the beach 1 half term 4

half term 6

I left my littlest one on the sofa whilst I went up to find Ugly Baby (Ugly Baby is her favourite toy. It’s a very ugly cabbage patch type doll in a pig costume and of course it’s the only toy she really really loves. To the extent that when she lost it I had to buy another one. FFS). When I came back she had put my jumper on because she was cold. Cute.

Tia x