Life In Pictures: Dungeness

Dungeness - little button diaries

Now the weather has taken a turn and is freezing cold, we’ve not been out too much, so getting photos just hasn’t happened recently. I rarely get the camera out at home so the kids are going to have vague memories of our house and think all we did was go out!

Last weekend we didn’t have any plans and wanted to give the kids a good runaround/good nap in the car, so we drove to Dungeness. Dungeness is a funny blend of bleakness, a beach, a power station and a load of fishermans cottages all within one hamlet. The first stop was the pub, which we were both dreading. Grayson has a tendency to not sit down at meal times so taking him out for food is always a little tricky. But this was pretty much the first meal we’ve had where the kids sat, ate and didn’t wriggle around too badly. I didn’t dare take photos as I didn’t want to break the spell.

Dungeness - little button diaries dungeness - little button diariesdungeness - little button diaries

Dungeness has two lighthouses, one of which you can have a look around. As it was cash only, and we were low on loose change,  I sat at the bottom and waited for the kids and Nick to climb to the top. I was quite looking forward to a ten-minute sit down and staring at my phone but apparently lighthouses don’t have 3G!

Dungeness - little button diaries dungeness - little button diariesDungeness - little button diaries
Dungeness - little button diaries

The wind and walking all got a bit much for this guy so he had a sit-in protest. Pretty standard weekend behaviour. Not the most glamorous of day trips but nice to go somewhere different and have a guaranteed car nap from the kids!

~ Laura xx ~