Grayson Turns 3!


Today, our littlest button, Grayson, turns 3. Judging by these photos, he can’t seem to eat anything without it going all over his face, and I have a penchant for dressing him up like Joseph and his amazing technicoloured dream coat. As it’s back to school and nursery today, we’re not doing much celebrating until the weekend, when he’s got a joint party with his little friend Audrey.  We also need a few more days to get some presents, as we didn’t realise until last night that he didn’t have anything to open today. Birthdays straight after Christmas are always tricky to buy for!

Gray loves nothing more than a bottle of milk, Paw Patrol, books about pirates and tractors, and chocolate eggs. His absolute favourite thing to do at the moment is shout (like really shout) the phrase ”4 bananas!’ whilst holding up four fingers and doing a squat pose. We’ve got literally no idea why.

He keeps me on my toes trying to keep him out of mischief (and my craft cupboard) and constantly covers me in slobber as he’s a big fan of pretending to be a dog… and I couldn’t love these things more. I can’t wait to see how he grows in this next year, what chaos he can create and how many cuddles he thinks is acceptable before saying bye bye (he has to give ten at the mo).

The happiest of birthdays, Gray Gray, my Little Button.

~ Laura xx ~

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