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Does Christmas feel like a stretch ago to anyone else? We began the New Year with Grayson’s 3rd birthday, so this week is the start of getting to grips with 2018!


Christmas was in one word… cracking this year. We spent time with both sides of the family, hung out, played games, put our phones down and I got to get some training in for the Brighton Half Marathon next month.

IMG_0574 IMG_0562IMG_0592

Beside the family time, presents and endless boxes of chocolates, there were two parts that really stood out this year. Nanna and Grandpa got the kids a super soaker each as something they could play with in their garden when it gets a bit warmer. After Christmas dinner, the kids were straight outside and hysterically laughing one minute (when they got a good shot) and crying the next (when they got soaked by the other one).


little button diaries Christmas 2017 - 8 little button diaries Christmas 2017 - 7

little button diaries Christmas 2017 - 9 little button diaries Christmas 2017 - 10

With part one of Christmas over we headed down to my parents where it snowed!! Grayson had never seen snow and Harper was desperate to build an Olaf. Harper lasted about three minutes outside before complaining about the cold and I had to drag Grayson back into the warm after we’d been out for ages.




Long after the kids had gone inside, we built a snowman and felt quite proud of our lopsided, puny creation until we saw the neighbours had built a massive one in their front garden!


A few snaps from our festive time!

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