Life in Pictures: January so far…

paw patrol rubble cake - little button diaries

Oh January, I have such mixed emotions over you. I love the shiny freshness of a New Year and the possibilities of New Year’s resolutions. If only you were a bit warmer, there was more daylight and I didn’t break those resolutions by the 2nd day of the month. I always try to eat less cake and fewer biscuits at the start of each year but when you’ve got a kid’s birthday at the same time, there’s no hope is there!

little button diaries - 3rd birthday partylife in pictures - little button diaries

After Grayson’s birthday on the 2nd we don’t really end up doing too much the rest of the month as it’s too cold and flaming miserable outside! I never think of taking photos when we’re inside the house, so today’s Life in Pictures is a sparse set of photos from when we’ve actually made it outside this year.

little button diaries - life in pictures

Harper is so keen on getting a dog that we paid a visit to my Auntie and Uncle who have three adorable Shih Tzus so she could take them for a walk. She had the BEST time and I’m surprised we manage to leave the house without Harper trying to smuggle one of them out in her backpack.

little button diaries - life in pictures  little button diaries - life in pictures

Grayson on the other hand was more interested in being a dog, chasing after a ball, pulling my coat toggle and rolling over. When he gets into character, he certainly gives it 100%.

little button diaries - life in pictures

A rather short and sweet Life in Pictures! I’d love to know what you do doing the winter months outdoors as I’m in need of ideas, otherwise my next set of photos will be dulltastic indoor ones!

~ Laura xx ~