Nap Time Craft: Heart Keyring

valentines day heart keyring

Before Harper started school I had no idea of the level of blinging kids go to with their book bags. They pimp them up with stickers and SO many keyrings. I keep meaning to get Harper a keyring (or four) to up her book-bag game, but it’s one of those things I only remember about after I’ve got back from town.

I was having a sort out of my craft stuff the other day and found a load of clear vinyl material and a few keyring loops, so it was obviously a sign that it was time to make Harper a keyring. These heart ones are filled with sequins, buttons and mini pom poms.

You Will Need:

  • Clear plastic material
  • Baker’s twine (or ribbon)
  • A few beads
  • Sequins, buttons, mini pom poms, picture beads
  • Keyring hoop


1. Draw a heart onto the plastic fabric. I drew around a cookie cutter to make it easy. For each heart, cut two layers.


2. Fold a piece of baker’s twine in half and thread a few beads onto it. Feed the twine in-between the plastic at the top of the heart.


3. Starting on one of the flat sides of the heart, sew on a sewing machine 0.5cm from the edge. Leave approximately 2cm gap and stuff with beads, sequins, buttons and sew the hole shut.

valentines day heart keyring valentines day heart keyring

Thread on a keyring hoop and you’re done!

The keyring took about 15 minutes to make and went down well with Harper. So much so that I’ve turned them into V Day cards to sell at the school’s Valentine’s Fair!

~ Laura xx ~

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