World Book Day: Paddington Bear Suitcase

Duck Tape Paddington Bear Costume

It’s World Book Day soon. Hands up who’s already had requests for a Paddington Bear outfit? If so, we’ve got it covered with this simple version of his iconic suitcase. Just team it with a blue duffel coat, a red hat and a marmalade sandwich (or two) and your little bear will be ready for an adventure. Thanks to Duck Tape for sponsoring this post.


You will need:

🐻 Shoe box
🐻 Light brown acrylic paint
🐻 Duck Tape in brown, gold, black and white
🐻 Patterned Duck Tape, such as Paris and Union Jack
🐻 Corrugated card
🐻 Double-sided tape

1. Remove the lid from the box and cut two slits in each corner of one long side of the lid to create a hinge.
Duck Tape paddington bear suitcase - World Book Day costume

2. Paint the inside of the box and the lid light brown using acrylic paint. You will need a few coats for good coverage. Leave to dry. Then add double-sided tape along the hinged part of the lid and attach to the box to create the suitcase.

Duck tape Paddington Bear Suitcase - World Book Day Costume

3. Cover the outside of the box with brown Duck Tape. Starting on the back of the box, cover in strips across the length. Cut strips long enough to fit across the back, up both sides and then into the rim on the inside of the box. Trim any excess tape off once it’s tucked inside.

Duck Tape Paddington Bear Suitcase - World Book Day

4. Add a strip of tape on the inside to cover the join between the box and the lid, then cover the lid in tape as before.IMG_1562

5. Take about 20cm of gold Duck Tape and fold it around one of the corners of the box to create a gold trim. Repeat for all the corners on the box and lid. Cut away the excess tape.


6. Cut a handle shape, measuring about 12cm long by 7cm high out of corrugated cardboard. Cut three or four layers depending on the thickness of your cardboard. Layer the handles up and stick together using double-sided tape.


7. Cover the handle in brown Duck Tape. Add a tab to the bottom on each side to allow you to attach it to the case. Attach the handle onto the top of the suitcase.


8. Cut out the initials “P” and “B” from card. Cover with black Duck Tape and use double-sided tape to stick them onto the front of the case. Add a few small stickers from colourful pieces of Duck Tape.


9. Finally, add a luggage label – here we’ve followed the original text but you could add your child’s name or a message of your own. Tie with string onto the handle.  Add a marmalade sandwich snack and an A-Z map of London and you’re off!


We teamed the suitcase with a trilby hat which we covered in red Duck Tape and a blue coat. Even after he’d finished being Paddington for the day, Grayson refused to take it off!


With thanks to Duck Tape for sponsoring this post. Come back tomorrow for our final World Book Day costume.

~ Laura & Tia xx ~

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