Make Your own fossils!

Well, it’s half term and we are already pooped. So we had a flick through some of our boredom busting ideas and decided to make some little dinosaur fossils. We did think we would hide them in the garden and have our very own archaeological dig… but it has been peeing down every single day (Every. Single. Day.) so we just hid them under the duvet instead. Not quite as dramatic perhaps, but still fun (ish).

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Kid’s Craft: Valentine’s Day Goody Bag

What better way to say ‘I love you’ then with a pink chip cone, right? For our latest video, we had the ‘great’ idea of using paper plates to make a Valentine’s Day goody bag. It didn’t exactly go to plan (as you’ll see!). We’re filing this one under ‘Not Pinterastable!’. If you fancy a giggle, or to have a go at making a goody bag yourself, hit play on our vid!!

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World Book Day: Charlotte’s Web Costume

charlottes web costume (1)

My kids got an audio book of Charlottes Web for Christmas and they love it way more than I thought they would, listening along in the car. And I’ve found I’m totally hooked too (I’ve been demanding silence or it goes off!). So we made a very easy Charlotte’s Web head piece for World Book Day, using mainly Duck Tape.

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World Book Day: Paddington Bear Suitcase

Duck Tape Paddington Bear Costume

It’s World Book Day soon. Hands up who’s already had requests for a Paddington Bear outfit? If so, we’ve got it covered with this simple version of his iconic suitcase. Just team it with a blue duffel coat, a red hat and a marmalade sandwich (or two) and your little bear will be ready for an adventure. Thanks to Duck Tape for sponsoring this post.

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World Book Day: Queen of Hearts Costume

queen of hearts duck tape crown world book day (3)

It’s nearly that time of year again! The day most parents just love – World Book Day. We’re here to help with 3 very simple no-sew costumes your children will love. They take very little time to make with the help of a few rolls of Duck Tape (you know how much we love this stuff by now right? Pretty much everything we make for our kids features it somewhere!). We’re starting with this one – The Queen of Hearts – and there will be two more easy ideas this week as well. Hoorah!

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Life In Pictures: Bike Riding

preston park Brighton - little button diaries

It’s been blooming freezing in Brighton recently and I’ve been busy training for the Brighton Half Marathon, so we’ve not been out day-tripping much this year. But as both the kids got bikes recently, we spent the first dry, sunny morning that came along trying to teach them how to ride.

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Nap Time Craft: Heart Keyring

valentines day heart keyring

Before Harper started school I had no idea of the level of blinging kids go to with their book bags. They pimp them up with stickers and SO many keyrings. I keep meaning to get Harper a keyring (or four) to up her book-bag game, but it’s one of those things I only remember about after I’ve got back from town.

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Hot Stuff Heart Oven Mitts

heart oven mitts for Brother by little button diaries (16)

We made these little Hot Stuff oven mitts as a super easy valentines project for Brother Sewing UK. We do love an excuse to stay at home and cook something yummy, and Valentines Day is the perfect reason to eat goodies. Removal of clothing optional, but recommended for the full experience.

To make a pair of Hot Stuff mitts you will need:

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fabric storage baskets

fabric storage baskets by Little Button Diaries (3)

My kids are messy. I can spend a day tidying, then within 5 minutes of them being in the house they’ve brought half their toys down and spread them across the floor then abandoned them 5 minutes after that. Because they hate me. So I stack them all up in little piles on the stairs to go back to their rooms whenever anyone is going upstairs (you’ll regularly hear my shout “TAKE your pile!!!!!” as they pound up for more crap).  I thought I’d make some cute little baskets for them, so instead of taking a pile they can take their baskets back. And they look much nicer than piles of toys. It was a great concept. Except for one flaw. They now use these baskets to bring down even more toys than they could carry before. FFS.

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DIY Terrazzo Coasters


Word on the street (ok, Pinterest really!) is that Terrazzo is back, baby! The 70s tile print is set to be everywhere and not just under your feet this year. There are a few ways to make your own Terrazzo pattern which we’ve given a go. This first way, using polymer clay is SO easy. If I can do it, a kid could definitely do it too. I turned mine into coasters using cooking cutters. They add a fleck of brightness to a table and the colour possibilities are endless.

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Mini Makers: Cardboard Telescopes


These easy cardboard telescopes are extendable don’t you know! We made them for Hobbycraft and thought we would share them with you as our children totally loved making and playing with them. Okay, so they didn’t make these exact ones, they made much less pretty versions whilst us mummies sat happily next to them and made our own. Sorry kids, yours didn’t make the cut. Maybe next time.

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Life in Pictures: January so far…

paw patrol rubble cake - little button diaries

Oh January, I have such mixed emotions over you. I love the shiny freshness of a New Year and the possibilities of New Year’s resolutions. If only you were a bit warmer, there was more daylight and I didn’t break those resolutions by the 2nd day of the month. I always try to eat less cake and fewer biscuits at the start of each year but when you’ve got a kid’s birthday at the same time, there’s no hope is there!

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Kids Craft: How To Make Salt Dough

kids craft: how to make salt dough

We’re going back to basics with our latest craft vlog. We’ve made tons of projects using salt dough and realised we’ve never shared how to make it with you.

We LOVE making salt dough with our littles ones as it uses 3 ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. This video is inneudo galore. Who knew craft could be so cheeky!

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DIY Scratch Cards (with a craft twist!)

diy scratch cards

Ok, so I’m not promising these DIY scratch cards will make you squillionaires but they do make a fun gift and an easy project for kids to do. I made these scratch cards as part of a reward chart for my Buttons. We’ve had a lot of sticker charts recently for  everything and anything so I wanted to think of a way to spice them up! These scratch cards would also make a cute Valentine’s Day card or Date Night surprise.

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Life in Pictures: Walking with kids

walking little button diaries at high and over (14)

Back in the day before children (BC), I used to love a good walk on a Sunday, especially if it ended up with a big roast dinner and a glass of something alcoholic. Bliss. Now, life is different. We still go on walks, we just don’t get very far. The vision is always far removed from the reality. Our walks are perpetuated with desperate attempts to find things on the way that might make the little lovelies use their feet a bit more, with me acting way over-enthusiastic about things like rabbit poo and twigs. And there is a lot of bribery. But it’s slowly getting a bit easier.

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