Life in Pictures: Walking with kids

walking little button diaries at high and over (14)

Back in the day before children (BC), I used to love a good walk on a Sunday, especially if it ended up with a big roast dinner and a glass of something alcoholic. Bliss. Now, life is different. We still go on walks, we just don’t get very far. The vision is always far removed from the reality. Our walks are perpetuated with desperate attempts to find things on the way that might make the little lovelies use their feet a bit more, with me acting way over-enthusiastic about things like rabbit poo and twigs. And there is a lot of bribery. But it’s slowly getting a bit easier.

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Life In Pictures


Does Christmas feel like a stretch ago to anyone else? We began the New Year with Grayson’s 3rd birthday, so this week is the start of getting to grips with 2018!

Christmas was in one word… cracking this year. We spent time with both sides of the family, hung out, played games, put our phones down and I got to get some training in for the Brighton Half Marathon next month.

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Grayson Turns 3!


Today, our littlest button, Grayson, turns 3. Judging by these photos, he can’t seem to eat anything without it going all over his face, and I have a penchant for dressing him up like Joseph and his amazing technicoloured dream coat. As it’s back to school and nursery today, we’re not doing much celebrating until the weekend, when he’s got a joint party with his little friend Audrey.  We also need a few more days to get some presents, as we didn’t realise until last night that he didn’t have anything to open today. Birthdays straight after Christmas are always tricky to buy for!

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Life In Pictures: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas


It’s a week to go until the big day. We’ve got two more school and nursery days to go before we can switch our ‘out of office’ well and truly on. We’ve reached that magical age where both kids are super excited about all aspects of Christmas but not too old to wear a Christmas jumper every day in December and not complain about it!

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Life In Pictures: Royal Pavilion Ice Skating

Royal Pavilion Ice Skating Brighton - little button diaries

A couple of years ago, when Harper was two, I thought I’d start a little Christmas tradition of going ice skating. Who seriously tries to take a two-year-old skating?! As you might guess, it was a disaster. As was last year when we tried to go again. But when the Royal Pavilion opened its doors to their ice rink last week, I thought I’d try for third time lucky. The Christmas countdown has begun. Oh I do love this time of year!

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Life in Pictures: Rave-A-Roo

rave a roo little button diaires 6 small

We did something slightly outside the box at the weekend. We went to a Rave. For children. At Ministry of Sound. Am I cool enough? No, actually. Not really. But it was flipping ace anyway.

So you’ve probably heard of baby discos, which are a great way to spend a rainy afternoon pretending you still have a life. But this – a baby RAVE – is a whole new ball game. This was Rave-A-Roo. And it was SO MUCH FUN.

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Life In Pictures: Dungeness

Dungeness - little button diaries

Now the weather has taken a turn and is freezing cold, we’ve not been out too much, so getting photos just hasn’t happened recently. I rarely get the camera out at home so the kids are going to have vague memories of our house and think all we did was go out!

Last weekend we didn’t have any plans and wanted to give the kids a good runaround/good nap in the car, so we drove to Dungeness. Dungeness is a funny blend of bleakness, a beach, a power station and a load of fishermans cottages all within one hamlet. The first stop was the pub, which we were both dreading. Grayson has a tendency to not sit down at meal times so taking him out for food is always a little tricky. But this was pretty much the first meal we’ve had where the kids sat, ate and didn’t wriggle around too badly. I didn’t dare take photos as I didn’t want to break the spell.

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Life in Pictures

half term 2

Apologies in advance for this random bunch of (slightly rubbish!) photos from our half term…. nothing much appears to be happening in my life right now! So I’m starting with Lilah, dressed as Alex the Lion from Madagascar, which is what she wants to be when she grows up. Amelie wants to work in a shop that makes plates. Bit odd.

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Life In Pictures: Pumpkin Picking

pumpkin picking - roundstone pick your own

We don’t have many family traditions but since the kids were born we have taken them strawberry picking in summer and pumpkin picking in autumn. We took them a few weeks ago to pick out a small pumpkin each and if Harper would have had her way we would have come away with two whoppers we couldn’t even lift!

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Life In Pictures: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow…

Annie the musical - little button diaries

… well, the sun probably won’t. It seems like the whole country might blow away with this storm we’ve been having. But nevermind!

We feel like we’ve said this every week since the summer but we had the BEST day out in London last week. We left the boys at home and travelled up on the train to London’s West End to see an amazing performance of Annie.

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Life In Pictures: Wilderness Wood

wilderness woods - little button diaries

Behind the scenes at Little Button HQ (we say that to sound fancy even though we are, in reality, two mums sitting at computers in pjs with gigantic mugs of tea), we’ve been busy for most on the year on a very big nature-inspired project that has meant we’ve had to drag the kids outside at every free opportunity come rain or shine. They have become so used to following us around woods looking for suitable sticks, leaves and rocks! They look a little bit like ducklings walking around and, to be honest, for them the novelty of outdoor crafting has well and truly worn off!

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Life In Pictures: Outdoor Adventures

intro the trees festival - little button diaries

I am not an outdoor adventure, get covered in mud and enjoy it kind of girl. I didn’t own a pair of wellies until I went to Glastonbury in 2008 and they’ve been gathering cobwebs in the cupboard ever since. I’d much rather be in the warm, with a hot cuppa tea. The only problem with the latter is it doesn’t wear the rugrats out in the slightest. As Grayson appears to be morphing into a dog these days, we’ve spent a lot of September getting out to give him a good runaround at the weekend. Instead of hanging out at our fave National Trust properties as usual, I stumbled upon a tree festival, Into The Trees, via Instagram. Instagram is officially my go-to for everything including days out now.

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Life In Pictures: Swimming With Rebecca Adlington

swimming with baby annabell rebecca adlington 13

Ask us what we did last weekend, go on, ask us, ask us!!!!!! Oh alright then, as you asked. It was just a regular kinda day. The usual stuff.  We just went to London, you know, to have a swimming lesson with Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Adlington. In the Olympic pool! (Yeh, the photo above totally ruins that build up..)

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Life In Pictures: Dreamland With Snazaroo

Dreamland and Snazaroo 27

A few weeks ago we got an exciting email which we thought was a hoax to begin with! The lovely people at Snazaroo invited us for a day at Dreamland in Margate. We’ve been wanting to go for a year and thought we’d missed our chance for this year.


And we LOVE Snazaroo. When Tia was little, she used to spend every weekend painting her face as a different character from her Snazaroo face painting book. Yes, she was a really cool kid. Walking round Kwiksave painted as the hulk = living the dream.

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Life in Pictures: San Fransisco

San Fransisco 15

Sorry, me again, boring the pants off you with my hoards of holiday snaps. This is part two (of TWO. I promise!), where we travelled from Santa Barbara up the Big Sur coastline to San Fransisco. If you’re thinking of a trip to California, this route would be top of my list. San Fransisco is beautiful. And expensive ($15 dollars for a Toblerone. Wowzers.)

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