George’s Ultimate Bedroom Makeover


We do love a good challenge here at Little Button Diaries, so when George at Asda asked if we wanted to be involved in their ultimate bedroom makeover challenge we jumped at the chance. They wanted us to create a mood board to show our children’s dream bedrooms, using items only from their store. The only problem with this is we now want everything (everything) in our selection. Damn. We were really surprised with the amount of trendy stuff available from George, and it didn’t feel at all supermarket-y. Yes, we said supermarket-y. You know what we mean though, right?

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Party Planning with Epson

epson printer review

I have been busy (frantic) preparing for Harper’s 3rd Birthday party! This year she wanted a Peter Rabbit theme so I decided to print out lots of Peters, Benjamins and carrots to use as a backdrop for the party. But when I tried to print, my printer decided it had had enough and totally conked out on me. Panic. Big panic. I didn’t really fancy hauling tons of rabbits back from the library.

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Belle & Boo Camera Bag

camera bag little button diaries 3

This snappy little camera bag is from Belle & Boo’s book of Craft which Belle & Boo kindly sent us to review, along with S is for Sewing (Laura made the pull along duck toy last week which you can read about here).

So, no tutorial I’m afraid for this one – you’ll just have to get the book!  The bag was easy to make and inexpensive because it’s made from felt. I’m not great at following instructions (in fact I am BAD and I get bored easily and would much rather wing it) but this was straightforward and a lot simpler to make than it looks, thanks to the wonders of bond-a-web. Amelie loves snapping away with it. I was kind of hoping she wouldn’t like it because secretly I wanted to keep it for myself.  Damn.

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Belle & Boo’s Pull Along Duck

pull along duck toy DIY

Belle & Boo has been a favourite brand of ours ever since our Little Buttons were tiny. They produce gorgeous prints, books and, as we discovered recently, sewing guides and fabric. They also publish children’s picture books, which Harper adores: since reading their Yummy Scrummy Day book, she insists on only answering to the name of Boo and hopping up and down asking for carrot cake (Boo is a hungry rabbit).

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Asda’s Wooden Princess Castle

george asda wooden toys 2

Like lots of parents, I feel a little overwhelmed at the amount of plastic crap that seems to accumulate in my children’s toy box. Noisy, flashy, plastic crap that no one seems to play with. We try not to buy too much of it, but it seems to build up anyway. When it comes to toys, I would always opt for wooden, even if my kids wouldn’t (avoided a pun there…). They’re solid, durable and usually better for the planet. Plus wooden toys don’t suddenly blurt “I’m Action Chugger” when you’re in bed at night (that one is in the charity bin now, it freaked me out).

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Life in Pictures: Larmer Tree Festival

larmer tree festival 4

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to the beautiful Larmer Tree Festival in Dorset. I’ve been to quite a few festivals, but none with children. I have never dared. And it was definitely a different experience. I did have moments where I envied the child-free, boozing, snoozing people, but actually I enjoyed this one more than any festival I’ve been to before. Larmer Tree is so chilled out, so friendly and so varied. You can just sit in one spot and entertainment will come and find you.

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Larmer Tree Festival

I found myself at home on Saturday with a gin and tonic (by myself) watching Glastonbury and feeling very envious that I was on a sofa and not in that field. I’ve only been once, with Laura and some other friends, and we had the best time, watching great bands, dodging cups of wee and not caring that our last shower was 4 days ago. It feels a lifetime ago.

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A Cat Called Panda

a cat called panda

Reading is one of our favourite pastimes in our house. It’s so nice to be able to take five minutes out of the day, sit down and enjoy a little time together, delving into a world of imagination. My Little Button has even learned that reading another story is a great delaying tactic at bedtimes! We always enjoy hearing what others currently love reading, so wanted to share our latest favourite: a lovely book entitled ‘A Cat Called Panda’.

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A Crafty Christmas Gift Idea: Super+Super Books


Ok, I have to declare a little bias when it comes to these books. The Super+Super printmaking and embroidery books are from Brighton-based duo Amy and Claire. These lovely ladies were two of the first people I met when I moved to Brighton and have been a source of craft inspiration ever since. That aside, their books are the perfect stocking fillers for any newbie or experienced crafters out there.

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A Review of the New AmiGami Toy

amigami 4

This week Amelie was sent one of these strange-but-cute little creatures from our friends over at Mattel. He’s called an AmiGami – a little pet that comes complete with strips of paper, stickers and other little embellishments that you can adorn your pet with.

At 2 and a half, Amelie is a little younger than the intended age range for this toy, but actually she loved him. She found the little paper bits a bit tricky to attach (cue over-involved mother wanting to take over and do it all by myself) but like every other toddler on the planet, she loved the stickers and wanted to pile them all over the mini beast.

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Our First #Crafttheparcel Applique Quilt Square

quilt square tutorial 16

We were recently asked to take part in a craft challenge with new postal service InPost to create a quilt with a group of other bloggers, each crafting a 12″ square and adding it together to create one big quilt that will be sold for Charity at Christmas. The challenge – #CraftTheParcel is like pass the parcel for crafty bloggers. What could be more perfect?

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Button Books Review

the safari set little button diaries 2

We were lucky to be sent this lovely range of children’s books. Button Books are design-led children’s tales which combine beautiful illustrations, bright colours and pop-out origami creatures.

The Safari Set, The Jungle Crew and The Polar Pack by Madeleine Rogers teach children all about the animals that live in these habitats. The stylised page are filled with bold, colourful geometric designs and their surroundings.

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Our #Bakeface Chocolate Brownies

billingtons bakeface brownies little button diaries 1

We were very lucky to be sent this gorgeous hamper of baking goodies from the lovely people at Billingtons. They asked if we’d like to take part in their #bakeface competition (where you bake some goodies and upload the picture of you stuffing it into your face!)  With the ‘help’ of our little ones we made a batch of Billingtons brownies using the contents of the hamper. They were so delicious – crisp* on the outside and deliciously gooey on the inside. Our toddlers loved them.

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Magnificent Stanley Baby Clothing Review


We came across these beautiful t-shirts by Magnificent Stanley through our lovely friend Natasha’s blog, The Milk Stand. Her son Max has an impressive collection of these bespoke t-shirts and always looks so cute!

Becky, who runs Magnificent Stanley, kindly sent us an H and an A t-shirt for our Little Buttons to put through their paces.

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A New Look for a Mid-Pregnancy Mum

new look maternity clothes review

It seems that I am having to dig out my maternity wear a lot sooner this time around as my bump is rapidly expanding. As I didn’t have any summer maternity wear last time around New Look were kind enough to send me some pieces from their current range.

I chose a tea dress, as I wear a lot of them normally, and a pregnancy staple – a pair of over-the-bump jeans. I also chose something I wouldn’t normally wear – a kimono – as it seems everyone but me is wearing one right now!

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