Kids Activities

Salt Dough

Salt Dough


Bubble Wrap Pictures

Beaded Wands

Glitter Thank You Cards

Firework Spinner

Glowing Firework Picture

Pom Pom Monster Game

Poppy Troll Hair

Dream Jars

DIY Slime

Stamping Kit

Squirty Chalk Paint

Shaving Foam Marbling

Kings Crown

Jungle Crafts

Picture Bead Crowns

Fairy Wings

Rainbow Painting

Water and Oil Experiment

Natural Paintbrushes

DIY Oobleck

Hama Bead Keyrings

Colour Sort Button Art

Clay Plant Pots

Speedy Play Dough

Pipe Cleaner Necklaces

Glitter Thank You Cards

Paper Plate Desk Tidy

Cardboard House

Pom Pom Animals

Paper Plate Animals

Rainbow Crayons

Clay Apple Dish

Popsicle Fairies

Kids Sharpie Mug

Pom Pom Shooters

Felt Shapes & Bead Necklace

Peg Monsters

Giant Bubbles and Wand

Baby Friendly Finger Paint

Bunny & Chick Suncatchers

Potato Print Bunny Bag

Egg Carton Easter Wreath

Paper Photo Frame

Paper Weaving Wall Hangings

Cardboard Watch

Mache Snowman

Mache Hot Air Balloon

Roman Castle

Ice Painting

Pizza Faces

Paracord Keyring

Viking Longboat

Africian Mud Hut

3D Map

Mrs Flowerpot Lady

Paracord Bracelet

Christmas Spoon Puppets

Magnetic Fishing Game

Mother's Day Cards

Button Mosaic Turtle

Paper Plate Hat

Cardboard Tube Rocket

Fimo Medal

Duck Tape Pencil Case

Rainy Day Play Dough

Vegetable Printing


30 All Weather Toddler Activities