George’s Ultimate Bedroom Makeover


We do love a good challenge here at Little Button Diaries, so when George at Asda asked if we wanted to be involved in their ultimate bedroom makeover challenge we jumped at the chance. They wanted us to create a mood board to show our children’s dream bedrooms, using items only from their store. The only problem with this is we now want everything (everything) in our selection. Damn. We were really surprised with the amount of trendy stuff available from George, and it didn’t feel at all supermarket-y. Yes, we said supermarket-y. You know what we mean though, right?

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Life In Pictures: George Jeans

asda jeans life in pictures 4

We were asked by George at Asda if we would be interested in putting their jeans to the test. We were delighted to give them a go – like most people we’re in Jeans 90% of the time and always on the look out for ones that look good and feel comfy. We both find it hard to find jeans with a good fit that don’t go saggy and misshapen after 2 hours of wear. So we crossed our fingers that George would have the magic answer!

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DIY Cardboard Cash Till

cardboard till DIY

My Little Button has hit an age where she loves role-play, especially playing ‘shops’. More specifically, playing the ‘Five Pound Shop’, where she charges £5 for everything from a coffee to a kangaroo. Watching her play the shop keeper is fascinating as she’s really using her imagination. I think I’ve said this at every stage, but this is my favourite stage so far (minus the tantrums). To encourage this, I made a cash till for her shop, so she can keep a note of all her £5 sales.

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Asda’s Wooden Princess Castle

george asda wooden toys 2

Like lots of parents, I feel a little overwhelmed at the amount of plastic crap that seems to accumulate in my children’s toy box. Noisy, flashy, plastic crap that no one seems to play with. We try not to buy too much of it, but it seems to build up anyway. When it comes to toys, I would always opt for wooden, even if my kids wouldn’t (avoided a pun there…). They’re solid, durable and usually better for the planet. Plus wooden toys don’t suddenly blurt “I’m Action Chugger” when you’re in bed at night (that one is in the charity bin now, it freaked me out).

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