Craft Trends #16: Tie Dye & Shibori

craft trends shibori tie dye Little Button Diaries

When we grew up, we swore we would never wear tie dye again. Tie dye and shell suits. We looked back at pictures of us in neon ripples of colour and wondered how we could possibly put it on. And yet here we are – it’s officially trendy again – tie dye that is (shell suits still no. But it’s a matter of time). We find ourselves drawn back in and wishing we hadn’t chucked it all out the first time round.

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Nap Time Crafts: DIY Baby’s Bib

I was on the look out for some new bibs the other day (my existing ones have become so ground in with food I’m embarrassed to bring them out in public!) and whilst looking at one in a shop it struck me how easy it would be to make my own. I have so much fabric lying about that needed using up… So I thought I’d try it on a spare scrap.

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Take one fat quarter…

I have lots of craft stuff which I never seem to use so I decided yesterday it was time for a sort out and craft day.

I knew i wanted to make something for the little one as a gentle introduction back to my sewing machine which I’ve not touched in four months.

I found a fat quarter I’ve been wanting to use for ages and some matching elastic and decided to make a baby circle skirt. I followed this tutorial and found, even whilst trying to entertain a baby at the same time, it was easy to follow…

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