Fillable Baubles – 3 Ways

fillable baubles DIY

Fillable baubles are super trendy this year and there are oodles of things you could pop inside them. If you’ve got your tree up and it’s looking a bit sparse, or you’ve still got presents to buy and have run out of ideas (That’s us) then maybe you should stick some stuff into some baubles too!  You can pick up a stash from Hobbycraft or online. In our latest vid for Channel Mum we show you three ways you could fill them to make the perfect last minute gift – with hot chocolate, fuzzy felt and festive slime filled baubles!

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Christmas Ho, Ho, Homemade Decorations

For months, the shops have been full of Christmas decorations – a large number of which look surprisingly cheap given how expensive they are!

So we decided to have a go at making our own. These decorations are nice and versatile, and would look just as good propped on a mantelpiece, or lent against a snow-capped window, as they would tucked up by the turkey in the centre of your Christmas table.

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