Finalists! WHOOP!


We just wanted to say thank you so much if you voted for us in the Bib Awards, because we’re finalists!! Hoorah!!!! Your support means the entire world to us and we can’t say how much we appreciate the support of the people who read our blog. We always assume our posts only get read by our mums (and, to be honest, judging by recent conversation they don’t always seem to be following us either…). It makes it easy to write when you imagine no one is there at the other end to read, and we know we don’t have a humungous following. We’re a teeny tiny speck of a blog really, compared to all those giants out there. But for those of you who are out there, reading about all our little crafty makes, you should know we appreciate you, and we’re so happy to have you here with us.

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Brilliance in Blogging Awards

brilliance in blogging awards little button diaries

Hello folks! We wanted to let you know that nominations have opened up for the BiB (Brilliance in Blogging) Awards. We really are grateful to anyone who reads, likes and comments on our blog and if you like our blog we would love your vote. We’re small fry against the giants of the blogging world, but we put our hearts into this blog –  we hope that shows in the content we write.

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