The BIBs

little button diaries 2

We’ve been shortlisted for a BiB (Brilliance in Blogging) award in the Arts, Craft & Design Category! We feel a little guilty writing another post on award nominations, so apologies that this may slightly be sounding slightly repetitive… but we’re just happy and shocked that we’ve got to the finals! Again, thank you if you voted for us. Big big thank you.

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Thank You

Bibs Awards little button Diarird

Last night we got to put our nice dresses on (with only a bit of baby sick on them) and travel to London for the Brilliance in Blogging Awards where we were finalists in the craft category. We got to hang out with some lovely inspiring bloggers (one of our favourites being Jess from Let’s Do Something Crafty).

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Cupcake Piñata

Cupcake piñata DIY

Hooray, our latest project for Hobbycraft is now live on their blog! It’s a whacking big piñata cupcake. Perfect for an outdoor celebration. To see the full tutorial of how to make it visit the Hobbycraft blog.

We’re really lucky to have been shortlisted for a craft award for the Bibs2015 awards. If you two minutes spare, please can you vote us for Best Craft Blog (section 12 of the form). Thank you so much!

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Nap Time Crafts: DIY Baby’s Bib

I was on the look out for some new bibs the other day (my existing ones have become so ground in with food I’m embarrassed to bring them out in public!) and whilst looking at one in a shop it struck me how easy it would be to make my own. I have so much fabric lying about that needed using up… So I thought I’d try it on a spare scrap.

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