365 Days of Ups and Downs and a Birthday Cake



Blimey! We made it through the past 365 days, and what a whirlwind it has been. Yesterday my littlest Little Button, Grayson, turned 1. We celebrated with a mini party, with cake, balloons and musical statues (on Harper’s request!). I don’t know if it’s reaching this milestone or the time of year but looking back over the previous year makes me realise that this parenting thing has sure brought a lot of ups and downs. Who knew that negotiating a toddler, a newborn, trying to work, and just getting dressed everyday on no sleep was tricky? I can’t say I’ve been at my finest at times in 2015, and always have that mum-guilt, but adding Grayson into our little family has made me more determined to be bigger and bolder everyday.

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Toblerone Cupcakes

toblerone cupcakes little button diaries 6

It was Button buddy Laura’s birthday a little while ago, and if there’s one thing I know, its that laura LOVES cake. She also loves biscuits, tea and toblerone. As tea and biscuits would make for an odd (or amazing?!) cake, I thought I would have a go at some toblerone cupcakes. They tasted pretty good, even though I overbaked them a bit (I forgot to put on the timer, oops.) I adapted this recipe from a staple caramel sponge cake.

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Salted Caramel Chocolate Swirl Cake

salted caramel chocolate cake little button diaries

I know, I know, I had you at salted caramel.

Everybody loves salted caramel. It just hits all the right notes – and its just…caramel…. with a bit of SALT! The logical step is to combine this oozy goodness with chocolate, and then cake, and you have a little piece of heaven on a plate. Or a really big piece, if you like.

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Do I Really Have a 3 Year Old?

Blimey, apparently I do! Amelie turned 3 on Tuesday (happy sad face). We celebrated with a little joint party with her friend Robin. They had a lovely day and the sun even decided to put his hat on, hip hip hip hooray.

So I have a 3 year old. I’m sitting here trying to think of something to say that isn’t a massive cliche, and I’m struggling. Its all true, I can’t say it another way. Time does fly, things do change without you noticing. That tiny little baby is a big, pant-wearing, sentence-forming girl and it has come out of nowhere. I’m terrified I’ll blink and she’ll be a teenager, how do I slow it down! Note to self: Start treasuring every single moment…

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Cupcake Piñata

Cupcake piñata DIY

Hooray, our latest project for Hobbycraft is now live on their blog! It’s a whacking big piñata cupcake. Perfect for an outdoor celebration. To see the full tutorial of how to make it visit the Hobbycraft blog.

We’re really lucky to have been shortlisted for a craft award for the Bibs2015 awards. If you two minutes spare, please can you vote us for Best Craft Blog (section 12 of the form). Thank you so much!

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Frozen Elsa Cake Video Tutorial

frozen elsa cake tutorial from little button diaries

A couple of weeks ago my gorgeous little niece turned 8. Like 99.99% of all 8 year old girls, she loves Frozen. Obviously we had to have a cool little Frozen themed party to celebrate, and OBVIOUSLY we had to have an Elsa cake. This cake is pretty easy to make – the only tricky bit is the pancake flip of the rolled out icing onto the cake. Yikes. It takes a little time, but you have nothing better to do right?

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Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Cake & Topper

peppa pig birthday cake topper

It was Harper’s 2nd birthday recently, and being a fan of Peppa Pig (which two-year-old isn’t?!) we decided to make her a muddy puddle cake topped with a party Peppa. The inside of the cake was a vanilla sponge with jam and vanilla buttercream. The outside was buttercream and chocolate icing.

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Nap Time Crafts: Easy Peasy Party Hats

party hats diy

It was my Little Button’s 2nd birthday recently so I made a batch of party hats for them all to wear. These hats are really simple to make and fun to decorate. One hat can be finished in the space of a short nap.

For this project you will need:

  • Pretty scrapbooking paper
  • Strong glue
  • An assortment of pom poms, ric-rac, ribbons, felt scraps and colourful card
  • Thin elastic (for a toddler I used 45cm per hat)

 1. Begin by printing and cutting out the template to fit A4 paper. Draw round the template onto the scrapbook paper and cut out.

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Happy 2nd Birthday Harper!


Today, my eldest Little Button turns two. Over the past year she’s blossomed from a tiny, helpless, mewling baby into a lively, boisterous, confident girl.  To celebrate, we held a Peppa Pig party for her and her little friends over the weekend. She had so much fun eating far too much chocolate, running around after balloons, jumping in muddy puddles and playing pass the parcel (who knew it would take SO long to wrap the parcel up, let alone unwrap it!).

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Coconut & Raspberry Cake

coconut and raspberry cake little button diaries 7

My littlest button, Lilah, turned into a 1-year-old last week. Insert boring clichés about how time has flew (it really has) and how I’ve loved every minute of her little life so far (night times not so much. She’s nocturnal). Anyway, I had the family coming round to celebrate so I thought I’d make a nice cake. I went for a recipe I found in Peyton & Byrne’s fabulous British Baking Book – it is a recipe for cupcakes so I doubled it, extended the cooking time and added fresh coconut and jam.

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Life In Pictures

sparkler 4

Life in Pictures is our weekly mini-gallery of what our Little Buttons have been up to over the past seven days. This week, one of our little buttons turned 1. Happy Birthday Lilah!


Life in Pictures

Little Button Diaries

 Life in Pictures is our weekly mini-gallery of what our Little Buttons have been up to over the last seven days.


Rock ‘n’ Roll Peanut Butter & Vanilla Cupcakes


It was my husband’s birthday last week so I decided to combine two of his favourite things, peanut butter and vinyl records, to make these cupcakes. The cakes have a gooey peanut butter filling and are topped with vanilla buttercream.

To make 12 cupcakes, you will need:

  • 250g plain flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 60g unsalted butter
  • 250g soft light brown sugar
  • 120g peanut butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 100ml milk

For the filling:

  • 12 tsp peanut butter

For the buttercream:

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Nap Time Crafts: Simple glitter card

bestie card 4

Want a simple and super (super) quick card? This one takes about 10 minutes to make (plus drying time). When Harper turned 1 we decided to make her a little card from her best buddy Amelie. Kids love to get involved with a bit of glittler and glue.

You will need:
Card stock

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Life In Pictures

suncream 1

Life in Pictures is our weekly mini-gallery of what our Little Buttons have been up to over the last seven days.