Viv’s Velvet Beetroot Cupcakes

velvet beetroot cupcakes recipe

My lovely friends Viv and Jon came over to stay with me last week. They were the most wonderful house guests, babysitters, chefs and tea makers. Viv made these delicious beetroot cupcakes when she was here. I didn’t say it at the time, but I was dubious. I have had beetroot cake before and it tasted of, well, beetroot. Not good. But these ones, THESE ones. They are the best cakes. And 1 of your five a day (like, probably). So read on!

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Our Top 10 Bonfire Bakes

top ten bonfire bakes

Its nearly Bonfire Night! Remember, remember the 5th of November, er…something something, plot! We love this time of year, toffee apples, sparklers and cuddly ear-muffed children. We’ve put together a list of our favourite recipes to make just in time for the fireworks. Be prepared to say ‘oohh’ and ‘ahhhhh’ to our Top 10 Bonfire Bakes:

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Our #Bakeface Chocolate Brownies

billingtons bakeface brownies little button diaries 1

We were very lucky to be sent this gorgeous hamper of baking goodies from the lovely people at Billingtons. They asked if we’d like to take part in their #bakeface competition (where you bake some goodies and upload the picture of you stuffing it into your face!)  With the ‘help’ of our little ones we made a batch of Billingtons brownies using the contents of the hamper. They were so delicious – crisp* on the outside and deliciously gooey on the inside. Our toddlers loved them.

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Happy Bonfire Night

Heart  with sparklers

Happy Bonfire Night!

Here are some of our favourite recipes to get you in the fireworks mood:

Brandy Snaps

        Bonfire Brownies

                  Mini Toffee Apple Pops

           Epic Hot Chocolate

Have a great night and stay safe!

~ Laura & Tia xx ~

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Bonfire Brownies: Dark Chocolate, Ginger and Popping Candy

The UK is being battered by stormy weather – the kind where you don’t want to leave the house, but instead stay cocooned under a blanket and watch Game of Thrones from the start of Series 1 (well, winter is coming!)

Winter doesn’t need to be gloomy. To us it means an array of Swedish-style knitwear, a lot of hot chocolate and, best of all, Bonfire Night. To get us warmed up for November 5th (and help weather the storms) we’ve made a batch of Bonfire Brownies. These brownies are packed with ginger and dark chocolate to give you all the warmth of a bonfire, with a milk chocolate and popping candy topping to give the effect of crackling flames.

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