Last Minute Valentines Nutella Pie Pops!

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In my obsessive middle-of-the-night pinning (pinterest is the only thing that keeps me awake whilst breast-feeding at 3am!)  I’ve recently seen several pins featuring Pie Pops. Oh yes! Move over cake –  PIE is now in lolly form. These little chocolatey hearts are perfect for Valentines – they’re super easy and only have three ingredients…if you use ready roll pastry. Okay, that may be cheating, but I have two kids. Its all about speed.

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Red Velvet Cake Pops


Cake pops have always been a bit of an enigma to me. I always thought you needed a special mould to make these cake delights, which had put me off trying them. But after having spare sponge left over from this cake recently, I bit the bullet and decided to give them a whirl.

You will need:

  • Sponge cake with red food colouring in

For the buttercream:

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