I Built a Little House

clay tea light tutorial

As the shops constantly remind us, Christmas is just round the corner! Jingaling! Okay so I DO love getting that Christmassy feeling… but I don’t like getting it in October, so that by December I’m a bit bored of it. But maybe that’s just me!

On the plus side, the good thing is that festive reminders give us crafty and organised folk (I’m not the latter, although I try to be every year!) a chance to get creative on our Christmas presents. This year, I thought I might dig out the air dry clay and make some little pottery gifts. I thought a candle holder would be nice so I decided to make one shaped like a little house – I saw one in Butlers a few weeks back and it looked like it could be quite simple to emulate. It only few hours to make, with some overnight drying time. Here’s the finish (prototype!) house:

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