How to make a Twirlywoo Soft Toy

twirlywoo toy tutorial little button diaries

I don’t know if you watch cbeebies. I mean… If you have a 2 year old, like me, you may feel like Mr Tumble is an old family friend and have a very slight crush on Mr Bloom (what!). If you don’t, you have no idea what I’m blathering on about and this post probably isn’t for you!

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Mr Tumble’s Spotty Cake

mr tumble cake recipe

It was my beautiful god-daughter Poppy’s birthday a few weeks ago, and like many two-year-olds she’s got a bit of a thing for Mr Tumble. And why wouldn’t she? Everything in his world is bright and spotty! So I set about trying to impress her with a homemade Mr Tumble spotty cake.

For this cake you will need:

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