Life In Pictures: Grayson’s 2nd Birthday

Grayson 2nd birthday - little button diaries

At the start of the year we had a little party for Grayson’s 2nd birthday. As the younger child, he’s spent the last couple of years being dragged to every class, playdate and social gathering that Harper’s been invited to, so it’s quite rare for him to be the centre of attention.

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Incredibly Easy Teddy Bear Cake

teddy bear cake little button diaries

I wanted to make a teddy bear cake for Lilah’s 2nd birthday. When she was born she had to wear leg braces for 6 months, which pushed her legs out so that she looked like a little teddy. We’ve called her Lilah bear ever since, silly as it may sound – it’s just stuck. So it had to be a bear cake. She likes dinosaurs more but I wasn’t about to attempt that!

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Life In Pictures: A Birthday Day Trip

birthday little button diaries

I’ve slumped on the sofa to write this post after one of the busiest weeks in a while. This little girl turned 3 on Thursday, and to celebrate we had a big Peter Rabbit party with her friends, who spent the majority of the party hopping around like bunnies. On her birthday itself, we had a much quieter day with just the four of us, and spent it at Drusilla’s Zoo in glorious sunshine and we pretty much had the place to ourselves.

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Doodle Birthday Cake

doodle cake DIY

The last cake I made, Harper really wanted to help with (or eat) the icing. I felt a little mean as I said no as it was nearly bedtime and promised that she could help with the next one. So I made a cake for my Mum’s birthday and thought this would be the perfect one for her to help decorate. This doodle cake is brilliant as it’s basically a blank, edible canvas to create a toddler masterpiece on. The lovely thing about this bake is each cake is completely different depending on the age and artistic ability of your tot.

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Salted Caramel Chocolate Swirl Cake

salted caramel chocolate cake little button diaries

I know, I know, I had you at salted caramel.

Everybody loves salted caramel. It just hits all the right notes – and its just…caramel…. with a bit of SALT! The logical step is to combine this oozy goodness with chocolate, and then cake, and you have a little piece of heaven on a plate. Or a really big piece, if you like.

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Cupcake Piñata

Cupcake piñata DIY

Hooray, our latest project for Hobbycraft is now live on their blog! It’s a whacking big piñata cupcake. Perfect for an outdoor celebration. To see the full tutorial of how to make it visit the Hobbycraft blog.

We’re really lucky to have been shortlisted for a craft award for the Bibs2015 awards. If you two minutes spare, please can you vote us for Best Craft Blog (section 12 of the form). Thank you so much!

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Frozen Elsa Cake Video Tutorial

frozen elsa cake tutorial from little button diaries

A couple of weeks ago my gorgeous little niece turned 8. Like 99.99% of all 8 year old girls, she loves Frozen. Obviously we had to have a cool little Frozen themed party to celebrate, and OBVIOUSLY we had to have an Elsa cake. This cake is pretty easy to make – the only tricky bit is the pancake flip of the rolled out icing onto the cake. Yikes. It takes a little time, but you have nothing better to do right?

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Kids Project: 4 Simple Mother’s Day Cards

4 easy mothers day cards little button diaries

Hooray, its nearly Mother’s Day! We might get a lie in (8.15?) and everything. If your kids are looking for some easy card ideas (hint hint), why not see if they would like to make one of these super simple cards. Each one is suitable for beginners and take about an hour to complete. For the full tutorial with video, head over to our post on Hobbycraft.

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Coconut & Raspberry Cake

coconut and raspberry cake little button diaries 7

My littlest button, Lilah, turned into a 1-year-old last week. Insert boring clichés about how time has flew (it really has) and how I’ve loved every minute of her little life so far (night times not so much. She’s nocturnal). Anyway, I had the family coming round to celebrate so I thought I’d make a nice cake. I went for a recipe I found in Peyton & Byrne’s fabulous British Baking Book – it is a recipe for cupcakes so I doubled it, extended the cooking time and added fresh coconut and jam.

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Mint Choc Chip Dinosaur Cake

mint choc chip dinosaur birthday cake recipe

I decided to make my Dad this birthday cake a while back and wanted to decorate it with dinosaurs as a cheeky nod to his age (but it would also work equally well for dino-mad kids). The sponge recipe is from Lorraine Pascale’s Fast, Fresh and Easy Food book, and it’s topped with mint choc chip buttercream and prehistoric mint rubble.

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Glitter Banner

Happy birthday glitter banner how to

In a few weeks my Little Button will be one year old. I’m sure every mother says this but I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone. She has changed from a tiny baby to my sweet, characterful little girl.

We’re planning a small family party for her and I’m busily preparing decorations for the occasion. I apologise now if my next 50 posts are all birthday craft related!

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Vanilla Fudge & Banana Cake

banana cake 1

It was Tia’s birthday recently and I wanted to make her an extra special cake. When she mentioned she liked the toffee and banana half birthday cake I made last year, I thought I’d make a new version with a slight twist. Instead of toffee… I used fudge! Lots and lots and lots of fudge – all topped with banana buttercream.

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Deliciously Moist Triple Chocolate Birthday Cake


It was my lovely Mum’s birthday last weekend so I wanted to make her a yummy chocolate treat to celebrate. This cake has a chocolate sponge, white chocolate ganache frosting and is topped off with a dark chocolate decorative collar.

I saw a picture of a similar cake in this Great British Bake Off Book but as the book wasn’t mine I had to improvise.

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Light & Fluffy Lemon & Almond Cake

Unlike my Little Button Counterpart, Laura, I am not a natural baker. I try, I do…. I just seem to get a bit lost on the way and usually end up with unmitigated disasters that go in the bin. This cake started off like that. I messed up on several hurdles. And yet it still tasted really yummy! So, for anyone out there who is like me I recommend making this cake. Evidently, its fool proof.

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