Craft Trend #9: Cement

Whoever would have thought that something so industrial and lumpy as concrete would become so sought after? Suddenly we find ourselves standing in the cement aisle at B&Q feeling completely out of our depth and a bit ridiculous asking for ‘the best concrete for jewellery pendants…’. We want everything we own to be made from the stuff. Plant pots, stools, frames… We’re even contemplating a concrete kitchen! Here’s our collection of the best concrete makes for you to try this weekend.

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Cement and Copper Plant Pots

cement and copper plant pot DIY

It seems like everyone I know is moving house and away from Brighton at the moment. All those lovely neighbours I have come to call friends and who I rely on for last-minute play dates, parenting solidarity, and cups of tea are all moving on to pastures new. It’s sad to see so many people move on at once, but if there is an upside, it’s that I can make lots of nice ‘new home’ gifts for them all! What I like about these cement and copper plant pots is that they’re easy to make, and suitable for use indoors or outside.

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