Guest Post: How to Lino Print

how to lino print

Hi! I’m Charlie Brandon-King and I work as an illustrator and print-maker in Bristol, so I absolutely jumped at the chance to write a printmaking tutorial for Little Button Diaries.

I work across various printmaking disciplines, but for my most recent project, the children’s book ‘A Cat Called Panda’, I used block-printing, so I thought a black and white, cat-themed project would be a great place to start.

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A Cat Called Panda

a cat called panda

Reading is one of our favourite pastimes in our house. It’s so nice to be able to take five minutes out of the day, sit down and enjoy a little time together, delving into a world of imagination. My Little Button has even learned that reading another story is a great delaying tactic at bedtimes! We always enjoy hearing what others currently love reading, so wanted to share our latest favourite: a lovely book entitled ‘A Cat Called Panda’.

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