Life in Pictures: Easter, Farms & Mum Boredom

easter egg hunt 3

This week, like most of the country, we have mostly been stuffing our faces with chocolate. Even as I write this I’ve managed to eat a whole Lindt bunny without even noticing it, bleurgh. I’m at that “just eat it so its gone” phase.

We had a lovely Easter week at my parents, with Egg hunts, ice creams and time hanging out with our littlest cousin. I love watching them all, they’re such good friends. They’re far apart, but couldn’t be closer.

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Tractor Birthday Cake


Last week it was Grayson’s 2nd birthday, which means New Year’s Day was spent making his cake. After sweetcorn, tractors are his favourite things, so I thought I’d make him a tractor cake. It might not be the neatest or most well-executed cake but the birthday boy certainly enjoyed it!

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Easy Peasy Christmas Truffles

Christmas truffles

If, like us, you’re looking for a quick edible gift idea to give to a hard-to-buy-for family member then these truffles are exactly what you need. They’re easy enough to make with kids and are utterly mouthwateringly delicious. They’d also be a great teacher’s present and would go down well in any staff room!

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Salted Almond & Chocolate Brittle

salted almond and chocolate brittle recipe

We’ve been a little quiet on the baking front recently as we’ve been snowed under with commissions and book writing. So, now that it’s turning colder and The Great British Bake Off is back (squeal) I’m feeling all inspired to get my bake on. We got sent a copy of the new Cath Kidston baking book to try out and this Salted Almond and Chocolate Brittle jumped out as an easy and incredibly delicious looking bake. It is in one word…scrumdiddlyumptious!

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Craft Trends #15: Easter

Easter craft trends

Hooray it’s nearly Easter weekend! That means we can legitimately eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not feel like we’re the only ones doing it! To get you in the Easter mood we’ve picked two of our favourite Easter makes and four we’re dying to try from other lovely blogs. Happy crafting.

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No Bake Easter Slab

easter slab

I am such a sucker for seasonal chocolates. As soon as I see them on the shelves I’m filling my trolley with them. I had got quite an Easter collection already, so thought the best place for them would be in a big old slab of more chocolate. This is a no bake, rocky road type of treat with a lot of Easter goodness on top.

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Quick & Easy Coconut Bites

easy gluten free healthy no bake coconut bites

I discovered something amazing yesterday: a healthy snack that was so yummy my kids chose it over a biscuit. That’s never happened before, and probably won’t again. Maybe the biscuits had gone stale or something, but I’m going with option A. With a bit of inspiration from this recipe I stumbled upon these little nuggets of love: nutritious, really quick to make and yummy. And gluten free too. Here’s how to make 16 coconut bites.

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Millionaire Shortbread Cake

millionaire shortbread cake

It was Tia’s birthday at the weekend and we have long had an agreement for years that we would always bake each other a birthday cake. This year I created a millionaire shortbread in a cake form because it’s one of her favourites – a chocolate sponge and buttercream with a shortbread, salted cameral and chocolate ganache filling. I called upon two of the baking greats – Nigella for her salted caramel recipe and Mary Berry for her fail-safe sponge.

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Chocolate & Cinnamon Christmas Pudding Cupcakes

christmas cupcakes

The party season is well and truly upon us! Hooray! We’ve been to toddler Christmas parties, fake Christmas with friends, and the first of many Christmas dinners this week alone, and have already eaten one box of Quality Street. These chocolate and cinnamon Christmas pudding cupcakes have been what I’ve taken to all our festive social dates so far. I used this cupcake recipe (it had ‘amazing’ in the title so seemed like a winner!) and created the Christmas puddings using Lindor chocolates.

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Kids Baking: Halloween Oreo Pops

halloween oreo pops recipe little button diaries

My Little Button and I made a batch of Halloween Oreo Pops for a party this weekend. These are great for little people to help out with because there aren’t any hot ovens or sharp knives involved. They can create monsters as wacky as their imagination can conjure up, and the messier they are the scarier they look!

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Aztec Cookies

aztec cookies

I went to visit Tia in her new house last week and took a batch of these cookies along to give her a bit of a boost after all the moving and unpacking. These dark chocolate cookies are packed with coffee and white chocolate and are scrumptious. The recipe is from this Great British Bake Off book (who else is so pleased that it is back on our screens? Hooray!)

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Chocolate and Vanilla Macaroons


We recently got back from our first little family holiday to Paris and one of the highlights was selecting and enjoying some macaroons with our Little Button. She was adamant she wanted the brown one.

I wanted to continue the holiday feeling by trying to recreate those Parisian treats. This book had the perfect recipe for these chocolate and vanilla ones.

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Salted Caramel Chocolate Swirl Cake

salted caramel chocolate cake little button diaries

I know, I know, I had you at salted caramel.

Everybody loves salted caramel. It just hits all the right notes – and its just…caramel…. with a bit of SALT! The logical step is to combine this oozy goodness with chocolate, and then cake, and you have a little piece of heaven on a plate. Or a really big piece, if you like.

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No Bake Oreo Squares

no bake oreo squares

It was our nursery’s fete last week and after promising to turn up with baked goodies for the cake stall, our oven broke, so I had to turn to a no-bake option to avoid arriving empty-handed! These no bake squares are perfect for cake sales and school fetes, and are simple enough for a child to help with the mixing, decorating and, of course, nibbling.

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Gluten-Free Chocolate & Raspberry Roulade

chocolate and raspberry roulade

This is definitely not the quickest cake in the world, but I’ve never made a swiss roll or roulade before so it was interesting to give it a go. I learned two things, first, there is no butter or oil in roulade (until you ram it full of cream of course!) – there is chocolate in this one, but you can make it without. Secondly, its really easy. Just not so quick. But that might be me.

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