Our Book Launch at Hobbycraft

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Our book launch at Hobbycraft on Saturday was THE most fun. We were really excited about it (and also a bit nervous that it would just be the two of us, some balloons and 1oo paper plates to play with). It was so lovely seeing our books on display and for sale, we haven’t seen them in a store before, so we were definitely a bit giddy (and probably uncool) about it.

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2014 – We’re Ready For You!

Every year, January’s arrival seems to get hidden in the foggy build-up to Christmas, and then… Kaboom! There it is, with its expectations and promises of new starts… all destined to flop at the first hurdle. This year, we’ve been a little under-prepared and even feeling a touch unmotivated, so we thought it would be a good idea to jump on the resolutions bandwagon (even if we are a few days late). Plus, we figured, if they are written down in black and white, they’ll be harder to ignore. We thought long and hard over what resolutions to make and came up with these:

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