Mini Makers: Paper Plate Animals


I made some paper plate animals with Amelie at the weekend. Normally, when I have a craft in mind for her, I set her up with all the stuff she needs, show her what to do, then use it as an excuse to go and do something else. This time I thought I’d not do that. I’m a bit of a distracted mum sometimes – I try not to be – but my mind wanders and before I know it I’ve agreed to a trip to the zoo at bedtime dressed as Alex the Lion.

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DIY Giant Chalk

We do love a craft hack especially if it’s easy! We’ve recently discovered it’s really simple to make your own pavement chalk. So for our latest Channel Mum video we shared how to do it! Making giant chalk for use outside is a great summer holiday activity so get stocked up with chalk in all your Little Button’s favourite colours. That way when they shout “I’m bored” you’re ready!

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Kid’s Craft: Pom Pom Shooters

We had a huge amount of fun filming our latest Channel Mum Vlog! These pom pom shooters take about 5 minutes to make and cost next to nothing. They’re great to keep kids occupied. You may be picking up pom poms for months but it’s worth the fun (honest!). We’d love to hear how your shooters go too if you give them a go.

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Guest Post: Crochet Cherry Necklace

cherry necklace being worn

Hi! This is Jess from Let’s Do Something Crafty, I’ve known Laura and Tia a little while now and they are so lovely plus I adore their blog so I’m very happy to be guest posting for them.

This is a fun little crochet tutorial and in it I will show you how to make some crocheted cherries. I will be turning into necklaces but you could actually do anything with them, you could sew them onto clothing or make bunting with them, the possibilities are endless!

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Cardboard Tube Binoculars

DIY toy Binoculars

I made these cardboard tube binoculars at the start of the year when Harper was going through a “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” phase. She told me she needed a pair of binoculars for her hunt, so I leaped at the chance to make a pair. They come with their own interchangeable landscapes that little ones can draw, and when they’ve finished hunting for bears and moved onto unicorns, these will still do the trick.

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Craft for Kids: Peg Monsters

We thought we’d share with you these little monsters we made with our kids last week – the monsters talk by pinching the peg open. They’re quick, easy and require very little materials. Whoop! Watch our video tutorial above or read on for the tutorial.

You will need:

  • Wooden clothes peg
  • Coloured card
  • Felt tip pens
  • Double sided tape
  • Scrap of white card

Measure the opening part of the peg. Draw a line to this length onto the coloured card. Draw a monster face around it. The line will become the mouth and must fill the face. Colour the monster in.

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Easy Suitcase Dollshouse DIY

Easy suitcase dollshouse DIY

 We sometimes have to pinch ourselves to realise what lovely opportunities this blog has given us. We would never have thought two years ago that we would be coming up with craft projects for Laura Ashley. Our latest is a tutorial for how to make a little suitcase dollshouse from the Amelia Suitcases you can buy from Laura Ashley. Our girls absolutely adore them – they’ve been taking them to bed with them, stuffed full of incorrectly proportioned dolls and teddies. They’re great for long car journeys as they can be packed up and opened out when boredom sets in. 

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Our 1st Guest Post for Laura Ashley

We are SO excited to write that post title! We were very happy when Laura Ashley asked us to write a guest post for them using their fabrics. OBVIOUSLY we jumped at the chance – their fabrics are so beautiful, thick and good quality.  So we made a couple of giant, squidgy, floor pillows for our youngest little ones using their lovely Treasure Island and Esme fabrics from the children’s range.

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Nap Time Crafts: Elsa Frozen Shoes

frozen shoes

Our Little Buttons are still all about Frozen at the moment. Will it ever end? We made them a pair of ice princess slippers. This project was super easy and really put a smile on their little faces.

 You will need:

  •  A pair of canvas ballet shoes or pumps
  • Glue on gems
  • Strong glue
  • Tweezers
  • Pencil

1. Begin by marking out your design lightly in pencil on the front of the shoes.

 2. Apply a small amount of glue onto the back of a gem and use tweezers to place it onto the front of the shoe. Repeat all around your pencil markings – cover up the pencil as you go. Add a line of gems all along the rim of the shoes.

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