Nap Time Crafts: Notebook Making

I really like writing on brown paper, and graph paper and square paper. There… I’ve admitted it! I discovered a brown paper notepad I bought in Paris years ago and it gave me the idea – for our second Nap Time Crafts – to make some of my own.

I began by gathering together craft materials left over from other projects, and got experimenting. My list of materials was:

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Sunglasses, bows and Polaroids

Lately I’ve been looking for a use for a large frame I’ve had idly propped up in my bedroom for years. It was originally used to display the seating plan at our wedding and has since been without purpose… until now.

I decided to turn it into some nifty storage for sunglasses, bows and Polaroids. I hammered nails into the back and strung three lines of fishing wire across the frame – and voila!

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