DIY Terrazzo Coasters


Word on the street (ok, Pinterest really!) is that Terrazzo is back, baby! The 70s tile print is set to be everywhere and not just under your feet this year. There are a few ways to make your own Terrazzo pattern which we’ve given a go. This first way, using polymer clay is SO easy. If I can do it, a kid could definitely do it too. I turned mine into coasters using cooking cutters. They add a fleck of brightness to a table and the colour possibilities are endless.

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Craft Trend: Hygge

craft trend hygge

Hygge (pronounced hue-gah. We’ve been rhyming it with ‘piggie’ and now we feel stoopid) is the new buzz word for Autumn and Winter. It’s come from Denmark and originates from this book. Think warm, fuzzy, happy and cosy! And who wouldn’t want to have all those things (and a big tin of Quality Street) at this time of year. As a nod to Hygge, we’ve put together our six favourite warm and cosy craft projects for you to try this weekend! (top left to bottom right)

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Craft Trends: Bonfire Night


We love this time of year. All the autumnal colours. We love sparklers, toffee apples, warm scarfs and mugs of hot chocolate stuffed with marshmallows. Bring on the cold! Here are our favourite things to make and bake with your little buttons when you’re tucked up inside together this weekend:

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Craft Trends #18: Pom Poms

craft trends pom poms little button diaries

Okay, so we may be a teensy bit behind on this one – we know that pom poms aren’t an emerging trend, they’ve been cool for ages. But we love them so much we had to include them in our round up of all things awesome. There isn’t a single thing that can’t be improved by the addition of a fluffy ball. Towels, cushions, curtains, hats, jewellery – everything looks better with a pom pom. Everything. 

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Craft Trend #14: Feathers

little button diaries craft trend watch feathers

Happy Saturday all! Our latest craft trend is feathers. We’re a little bit obsessed with them and it seems that everyone else is too. Here are our favourite feathery crafts for you to try this weekend.

1. Feather Earrings by Lia Griffith

2. Potato print blanket featured in The Guardian

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Craft Trends #12: Monochrome

It’s our first craft trend of 2016 and we don’t know if it’s because we’re in a dark and gloomy month but we were drawn to monochrome to kick off the trends for this year. Doesn’t everything just look that much cooler in monochrome? Even the word is cool! We’re big fans of black and white crafts and we’ve seen heaps of them flash by recently – so we’ve picked our faves for you to try this weekend:

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Craft Trend #9: Cement

Whoever would have thought that something so industrial and lumpy as concrete would become so sought after? Suddenly we find ourselves standing in the cement aisle at B&Q feeling completely out of our depth and a bit ridiculous asking for ‘the best concrete for jewellery pendants…’. We want everything we own to be made from the stuff. Plant pots, stools, frames… We’re even contemplating a concrete kitchen! Here’s our collection of the best concrete makes for you to try this weekend.

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Craft Trends #6: Neon

neon craft trend watch

Hooray for another Friday Craft Trend! Maybe it’s because the nights are getting longer, and the days a little darker, but this week we’ve gone for something really bright: Neon! We’re found the brightest DIYs and inspirational ideas for you to try this weekend – we hope they bring a little pizazz into your crafting.

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Craft Trends #2: Copper

copper trend

Copper is a big trend in the interior and craft worlds at the moment. There are so many great upcycling and DIY projects out there that incorporate copper. We’ve found our favourite ones (including one of ours) for you to try this weekend! 

1. Rustic Modern Copper Planter by Manmade

2. DIY Copper Edged Mirror by Curlby

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