Hedgehog Pillow

hedgehog pillow cushion tutorial little button diaires

My lovely friend Jess had a baby a little while back, so I thought I’d make him a little something. Seen as her little lovely’s middle name is spike… a hedgehog seemed the obvious answer! Look how totally adorable he is, makes my heart go a bit wobbly.

You will need:

  • 1/4m teal cotton canvas
  • 1/4m orange cotton canvas
  • brown embroidery thread
  • toy stuffing
  • template

1. Cut the templates out from the pdf attached. Cut 2 body pieces from the teal canvas. From the orange cut  2 head pieces and 4 ear pieces.

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Unicorn Pillow Part 2: Quick Zipped Pillow

unicorn pillow tutorial little button diaries

A couple of weeks ago I posted part one of this pillow tutorial – the unicorn applique. So here’s how to turn that little applique into a pillow. If you sew, you probably already know how to add a zip to a seam, but if you aren’t sure, this is so easy (and I only recently discovered it. I’d been doing it the long loooong way for years). Here’s how to make a pillow in just half an hour. You won’t want to buy one ever again!

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Unicorn Pillow Part 1: Applique

unicorn applique cushion tutorial little button diaries

I have a child who is obsessed with Unicorns. We went to London Zoo a few months ago and on the way there, we were asking her what Animals she most wanted to see. “ummmmm…. unicorns & whales!”, she said. I had to really work hard to persuade her that kangaroos as WAY more exciting than whales. She cried when I said unicorns aren’t real, and I felt so bad.

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Our 1st Guest Post for Laura Ashley

We are SO excited to write that post title! We were very happy when Laura Ashley asked us to write a guest post for them using their fabrics. OBVIOUSLY we jumped at the chance – their fabrics are so beautiful, thick and good quality.  So we made a couple of giant, squidgy, floor pillows for our youngest little ones using their lovely Treasure Island and Esme fabrics from the children’s range.

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Craft Trends #4: Flamingos

craft trend watch flamingos little button diaries

Yippee, its Friday! And we’re celebrating with another round up of awesome things to make over the weekend. It seems the craft world has been flamingo-ing mad (sorry…) for these beautiful pink birds recently. Here are our favourite flamingo makes.

1. Now Sew Flamingo Pillow by Sugar & Cloth

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Nap Time Crafts: A Magnetic Pin Cushion

magnetic pin cushion tutorial

This little make evolved as a result of two problems. 1, I didn’t have a pin cushion – I was using a toy owl, poor little voodoo massacred thing – and 2, I kept dropping my pins on the floor. Probably 2 was a result of 1. I’d seen these magnetic pin trays and I thought it would be nice to combine something like that with a pin cushion. Voila!

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How to Make a Retro Telephone Soft Toy

retro telephone toy tutorial

My toddler is a little bit obsessed with our retro red telephone at the moment. She wanders over to it, picks up the handset, says ‘hello’ then wanders off. So I thought I’d make a matching telephone toy for her room so she can catch up with all her chums and hopefully leave our real telephone in working order.

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How to Make a Piped & Appliqued Pillow

applique and piped pillow tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I was very happy to be asked if I would be godmother to a beautiful little baby called Olive. She is such a joyful little girl, I decided I’d make her a little colourful cushion to match her personality. I’ve never piped fabric before so I thought I’d give that a shot. Its easy! I’m piping everything from now on…

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Nap Time Crafts: Cardigan to Cushion in 10 Minutes!

cardigan to cushion

Last week, I very cleverly managed to shrink both my and George’s woolen jumpers in the washing machine. Whoopsie. I tried to stretch them out but to be honest, they’re goners. I was about to throw them in the bin when I thought I’d try something first. I took my cardigan, chopped it up, stitched it into a square and BOOM! A cushion cover! This was the easiest thing I’ve ever made… Try it, it literally takes ten minutes.

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