Panda Purses & Clay Biscuits

mollie makes

Panda purses and clay biscuits…. not a sentence we’ve ever written before! We did a little crafting for our fave magazine Mollie Makes a little while ago and we’ve just received a copy in the post. It always makes us so happy when we’re featured, we’ve been reading the magazine for years now and it’s a good feeling to be a contributor, albeit a baby one! We made some little clay biscuits for them (click here for the full tutorial).

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Creativity Magazine


We’re Blog of the Month in Docrafts Creativity Magazine this month! That fills us with happy flutter butterflies. We’ve done a few craft pieces for them in the past and love working with them. We’ve never been a blog of the month before, so it’s super nice for us.

It’s saturday, the sun is shining, one of us is off to a lovely wedding (Laura) and the other (Tia) is going to spend the day driving back and forth to the tip. Both fun days, hard to choose between them….

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Plaster of Paris Pen Pots


We’re going through a bit of a Plaster of Paris obsession recently (take a look at the Mini PoP Magnets and tea light holders Laura made recently). So when Docrafts Creativity Magazine asked us to make them some pen pots we obviously jumped at the chance! You can read about how to make them in their latest issue, which is out now. We’ve got a few more projects coming up in future issues and are looking forward to sharing them with you soon.

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