Easy Suitcase Dollshouse DIY

Easy suitcase dollshouse DIY

 We sometimes have to pinch ourselves to realise what lovely opportunities this blog has given us. We would never have thought two years ago that we would be coming up with craft projects for Laura Ashley. Our latest is a tutorial for how to make a little suitcase dollshouse from the Amelia Suitcases you can buy from Laura Ashley. Our girls absolutely adore them – they’ve been taking them to bed with them, stuffed full of incorrectly proportioned dolls and teddies. They’re great for long car journeys as they can be packed up and opened out when boredom sets in. 

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Asda’s Wooden Princess Castle

george asda wooden toys 2

Like lots of parents, I feel a little overwhelmed at the amount of plastic crap that seems to accumulate in my children’s toy box. Noisy, flashy, plastic crap that no one seems to play with. We try not to buy too much of it, but it seems to build up anyway. When it comes to toys, I would always opt for wooden, even if my kids wouldn’t (avoided a pun there…). They’re solid, durable and usually better for the planet. Plus wooden toys don’t suddenly blurt “I’m Action Chugger” when you’re in bed at night (that one is in the charity bin now, it freaked me out).

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