Mini Makers: Rainbow Dough

Rainbow Dough. Doesn’t that just sound amazing?? Rainbow. Dough. Well, it is actually pretty awesome. Fluffy, colourful, squishy and soft. This stuff is awesome. It takes about 10 minutes to make and only requires 3 ingredients. We made a little video tutorial to show you how to make it – take a little looksie and let us know if you like it.

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Rainy Day Play Dough

Apparently, say the little people on TV, its going to rain cats and dogs over the next few days. We with our little buttons don’t like to be stuck indoors (which is why we spend so much time in these cafes!) and we get a bit cabin feverish after a few hours. At 18 months, Amelie is at an age where I sometimes struggle to think of activities in the house that will actually entertain her. And me for that matter.

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Hedgehog Rolls

I was inspired by the BBC2 programme, The Great British Bake Off, where the contestants had to make a show-stopper loaf of bread in a creative shape. This got me itching to get into the kitchen to have a go, albeit at a beginner’s level.

Seeing one of the contestants snipping dough with a pair of scissors gave me the idea for making rolls and turning them into hedgehogs. I followed bread guru Paul Hollywood’s recipe for making baguettes and adapted the final stages so the dough was shaped instead into rolls. Most types of bread recipes will work – it’s all about the shape!

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