Balloons Baby Dress Tutorial

baby dress tutorial

I’ve made a few attempts at following patterns to make myself some clothes recently.  I made two skirts and a dress. Well, both the skirts came out too small (I am telling myself it was the pattern. It WAS the pattern) and the dress didn’t fit round my boobs. All that lovely fabric… ugh. So, sod that – I’m having a break from adult sized clothes! But I love making baby dresses – they use less fabric, don’t require much shape and take a lot less time.

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Two Little Bunny Dresses

bunny dress tutorial


Our little toddlers have one thing in common: they are both OBSESSED with bunnies. They can’t sleep without their bunnies, they squeal at anything bunny related and they always have their bunnies in tow. So in time for easter, we decided to make them a pair of little bunny dresses. We adapted a gorgeous pattern by Kirsty Hartley featured in Mollie Makes Mama for a little mouse dress. Pattern template can be found here.

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Guest Post: What Lou Wore 365

I’m currently almost 6 months pregnant and fast approaching the point where normal clothes don’t fit and everything that does makes me look and feel like a bit of a hippo. Before I was pregnant I used to think all bumps looked lovely – but now that I am again I just miss my waist and my normal clothes.

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Take One Granny Dress…

Thinking it was retro cool, I scooped up this delightful orange dress in a jumble sale last August. But, as is often the case with clothes I buy on a whim, when I tried it on at home it was definitely on the frump side. A year later and it’s still sitting in my “alter me” pile (which, to be honest, is more of a mountain…). But, with our spanking new blog to motivate me I decided the time had come to whip out my sewing machine and do a bit of hacking. I snipped off the puffy sleeves, nipped in the waist and took about a foot off the bottom and, hey presto, a lovely new dress!

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