T-Rex Dino Biscuits

emma jane bakery recipe

We’re really excited to have a guest post from Emma Jane’s Bakery today. We reviewed her lovely button cookie stamps recently and invited her to share one of her yummy recipes. Here she is with these strawberry and cream dinosaur sandwich biscuits.

With our first baby on the way, my partner and I have done a lot of thinking about the kind of skill building activities we’ll want to do with our child (Little Button Diaries is a great source of inspiration for this!). As someone who loves to bake and cook, to the extent that I practically live in our kitchen, food (preparation and enjoyment) will naturally be a pivotal part of our child’s early education and play. There’s nothing quite like transforming ingredients into something really special to eat – and a natural tendency to take pride in creation is something that children and adults share.

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Ginger Button Cookies

Two of our favourite things are baking and buttons (particularly our little buttons) so when we were sent these delightful cookie stamps from Emma Jane’s Bakery we were thrilled. Emma Jane’s Bakery is an online store specialising in cookie stamps and design-led cakes. All products are designed and hand finished by Emma Jane herself.

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