Nap Time Crafts: Make your own Cufflinks

Over Christmas I saw a lot of personalised cufflinks for sale on the internet and around the shops with quite hefty price-tags. I wanted to buy some as gifts but then it occurred to me that, if I could find the cufflink bases, I could just as easily make these myself. So I did a bit of googling and found I could make 3 pairs of cufflinks for only £10 from Etsy (available from Purplemountainbtq. Click here to view) including postage from the US!

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A Few of Our Favourite Things

A few of our favourite things

From a craft must-have and a baby delight to bakers’ treats and a photographers’ bible – here are a few of the things that are bringing sparkle into our lives right now (besides our Little Buttons!)1. I was very excited when Lorraine Pascale released her latest book, A Lighter Way To Bake, last week. I’ve been a fan since her first book and she is my cooking goddess. Her recipes are always inventive and delicious, and this book features versions that are lighter in calories or sugar, so it’s a win-win purchase. I’m already working my way through the book, and have bookmarked most of the recipes to try at a later date.

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