Quick & Easy Fathers Day Mug

sharpie fathers day mug by little button diaries

It’s nearly Father’s Day, which means that hard working mothers everywhere get an extra day of work. Hoorah! So we decided to make a little personalised mug using Sharpie pens. My 4 year old spends every free moment drawing, she loves it. So I was pleased with myself when I had the idea to decorate a mug for her Daddy. He’ll love it, and it only cost £2. Boom!

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Father’s Day Craft: Salt Dough Medal

 If you’re in need of a handmade Father’s Day gift then this salt dough medal does the trick – its our latest vid for Channel Mum. It’s easy enough for little ones to do, cheap to make and will make daddys everywhere feel like a champion on Father’s Day – win win win!

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Applique Hand Print Card

fathers day card 15

With Father’s Day just around the corner there is still time to muster up a crafty card. This sewing project is a perfect way to give a personalised gift as it captures the handprints of your children. The sewing can be done by an adult or by older children with supervision.

This simple card features appliqued fabric cut to the shape of your child’s had and attached to a card.

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