Half Term Makes: Paper Photo Frame

big bag frame 10

Entertaining kids over half term can be challenging (read: horrendous). But have no fear, or… have less fear! Because we’re here to offer you some super quick makes to entertain the littles. We’ll be giving you one a day for half term and all you need is some paper, card and a few other basic craft bits.

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Kids Project: 4 Simple Mother’s Day Cards

4 easy mothers day cards little button diaries

Hooray, its nearly Mother’s Day! We might get a lie in (8.15?) and everything. If your kids are looking for some easy card ideas (hint hint), why not see if they would like to make one of these super simple cards. Each one is suitable for beginners and take about an hour to complete. For the full tutorial with video, head over to our post on Hobbycraft.

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The Stars Shine All Day Too

frame artwork tutorial

A while ago, I bought some small (and very cheap) ikea frames without really knowing what I was going to do with them. But I’ve always liked the idea of using the glass by itself to display stuff and letting light be part of the picture.

So I tore the backing and mount card off one of the frames and decided to fill it with some simple text. A photo would work really well too I think, maybe I’ll try that next. I printed out some words and went about snipping the text out. This was a bit laborious (a good scalpel would have made things quicker. Must buy…) but I did it whilst half watching some rubbish on TV to take my mind off. I then marked out the positioning for the text with a highlighter and prit-sticked the words in place on the back of the glass. You could sandwich the words between two bits of glass which probably would be better, but I didn’t want to waste two frames. That’s it! The whole thing tool me about 15 minutes* and I’m really happy with how it looks. *oh, excluding the boring cutting time. That took me hours. Tia xx

Sunglasses, bows and Polaroids

Lately I’ve been looking for a use for a large frame I’ve had idly propped up in my bedroom for years. It was originally used to display the seating plan at our wedding and has since been without purpose… until now.

I decided to turn it into some nifty storage for sunglasses, bows and Polaroids. I hammered nails into the back and strung three lines of fishing wire across the frame – and voila!

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