Make your own Footstool


So I made a little footstool last week. My first attempt at furniture! I love it too, although I wouldn’t risk standing on it… it has just a teeniest bit of a wonk. This was orginally meant to be a quick upcycle project from a stool I already had. But as I was hacking the upholstery off the original I accidentally hacked it to pieces. The legs snapped, the base snapped. It was a quality product.  So all I ended up using was the foam. You could, however, attempt your own upcycle if you think you could do it without destroyed a perfectly good stool just for a piece of foam!

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Scribble Top Table

chalkboard table upcycle

I love any project that involves upcycling furniture. When I was recently given an old table and chair I decided to give them a make-over and turn them into a scribble top table with a chalkboard top for Little Button to get creative on, with a matching chair. She’s now at the age where not everything goes straight into her mouth, so this table is a nice way to introduce drawing.

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Tetris Cross Stitch Chair

DIY Tetris chair

I’ve been on the lookout for a cross stitch project for a while. While I was browsing in a second-hand furniture shop recently, I came across a mountain of chairs. Poking out the top was one that immediately caught my eye – a battered old wicker-backed chair badly in need of some TLC and wool! I knew I had found my blank canvas – now I just needed a design. I wanted my chair to have a modern twist, and a friend pointed out that Tetris is back!

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