Cement and Copper Plant Pots

cement and copper plant pot DIY

It seems like everyone I know is moving house and away from Brighton at the moment. All those lovely neighbours I have come to call friends and who I rely on for last-minute play dates, parenting solidarity, and cups of tea are all moving on to pastures new. It’s sad to see so many people move on at once, but if there is an upside, it’s that I can make lots of nice ‘new home’ gifts for them all! What I like about these cement and copper plant pots is that they’re easy to make, and suitable for use indoors or outside.

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Homemade Rocket Pesto

I have the smallest postage stamp of a garden, but despite its size I’m living proof that you don’t need a vast space to grow your own veg. I’m a big fan of growing things in recycled tubs and pots and this year I decided to grow some rocket in a rusty old supermarket basket I found in my Gran’s garage (good stealing Gran!). As a pretty solid weed, it took over in abundance and I was left wondering what I could do with mountains of rocket – and it has definitely got too cold for salads. So I decided to pull it all up and make some rocket pesto, which is actually a good peppery alternative to the basil version.

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Guest Post from Spade Fork Spoon

We’re really excited about our guest post from Brighton blogger Spade Fork Spoon this month. Simon has been our blogging inspiration and taught us everything we know about blogs a few years ago. Spade Fork Spoon is his new blog with tales from his allotment and into his kitchen. Without further ado here he is…

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Life in Pictures