DIY Giant Bubbles & Wand

Oh my goodness this could possibly be the most fun project we have ever done! These giant bubbles are AWESOME. Easy to make, quick and endless hours of squealing joy. Even if you don’t have kids (they pop them too quick!). Bear in mind the bubble wand will dribble its goo everywhere so this is one project that is definitely more suited for outdoors. We made a video tutorial for Channel Mum – click to watch above or read on for the full tutorial.

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The Selfish Giant’s Maze

selfish giant maze

This morning we took a little wander down to the brand new “Selfish Giants Maze” outside the Royal Pavilion, Brighton. With our little buttons we went to get lost inside the Oscar Wilde inspired outdoor labryrinth. It was a boiling hot morning and after an hour of going round in circles we decided to use the map they gave us at the entrance (cheats!)

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