Salted Almond & Chocolate Brittle

salted almond and chocolate brittle recipe

We’ve been a little quiet on the baking front recently as we’ve been snowed under with commissions and book writing. So, now that it’s turning colder and The Great British Bake Off is back (squeal) I’m feeling all inspired to get my bake on. We got sent a copy of the new Cath Kidston baking book to try out and this Salted Almond and Chocolate Brittle jumped out as an easy and incredibly delicious looking bake. It is in one word…scrumdiddlyumptious!

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GBBO Picture Pancakes

Ok, we’re big fans of The Great British Bake Off and always down tools at 8pm on Wednesday, mainly so we have two hands to eat cake or biscuits (actually cake AND biscuits) whilst watching it. Last week their technical challenge was to make lacey pancakes and we both thought that looked easy peasy. Surely, it’s just drawing a picture in a frying pan right?

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Aztec Cookies

aztec cookies

I went to visit Tia in her new house last week and took a batch of these cookies along to give her a bit of a boost after all the moving and unpacking. These dark chocolate cookies are packed with coffee and white chocolate and are scrumptious. The recipe is from this Great British Bake Off book (who else is so pleased that it is back on our screens? Hooray!)

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No Bake Honeycomb Crunch Bars

honeycomb crunch bars

Inspired by all the Great British Bake-Off baking I’ve been watching recently I felt it was time to make something sweet. I turned to past winner of the Bake-Off Jo Wheatley’s book Home Baking for Inspiration and came across these delicious no bake treats. They are perfect with a cup of tea and an episode of the G.B.B.O.

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Coffee & Walnut Whip Cake

coffee walnut whip cake recipe

It was my lovely mother in-laws birthday recently so I wanted to make her a cake for the celebration. In true Great British Bake-Off style I went for a classic cake and a little twist – coffee and walnut whip cake. I used my favourite recipe for this cake by Lorraine Pascale from her book, Fast, Fresh and Easy Food.

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A Confetti Birthday Cake

funfetti birthday cake tutorial 16


Laura had a birthday last week so I decided to bake her a cake – and if there’s one thing Laura loves most… well, that would be tea.  But cake is definitely up there! I’ve seen a lot of funfetti cakes out there recently so I decided to make one with the help of Mary Berry. This recipe is adapted from her confetti party cake recipe, but those are tray bakes so I used 2 x 20cm round tins and upped the quantity by a third.

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Light & Fluffy Lemon & Almond Cake

Unlike my Little Button Counterpart, Laura, I am not a natural baker. I try, I do…. I just seem to get a bit lost on the way and usually end up with unmitigated disasters that go in the bin. This cake started off like that. I messed up on several hurdles. And yet it still tasted really yummy! So, for anyone out there who is like me I recommend making this cake. Evidently, its fool proof.

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Lemon Button Biscuits

lemon biscuits 13

January is renowed for diets, detox and exercise galore. We salute those motivated enough to avoid sweet treats completely, and we’re giving a nod (albeit a faint one) to healthy eating by giving up chocolate for a month. But we still need a little something to dunk in our tea, hence these lemon button biscuits. They were also the perfect opportunity to try out our new Christmas baking gifts.

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Hedgehog Rolls

I was inspired by the BBC2 programme, The Great British Bake Off, where the contestants had to make a show-stopper loaf of bread in a creative shape. This got me itching to get into the kitchen to have a go, albeit at a beginner’s level.

Seeing one of the contestants snipping dough with a pair of scissors gave me the idea for making rolls and turning them into hedgehogs. I followed bread guru Paul Hollywood’s recipe for making baguettes and adapted the final stages so the dough was shaped instead into rolls. Most types of bread recipes will work – it’s all about the shape!

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Ready… Steady… Bake!

Super+Super bake off

The cake stands were out, the bunting was up and the tea urn was on yesterday for our Bake Off competition at Super+Super in Brighton. The event was to raise money for the Rockinghorse Children’s Charity.

There was a good turnout from Brighton bakers, and lots of interesting flavours for the three judges to try. There wasn’t a plain sponge in sight! From parsnip and pecan to passionfruit and coconut, our bakers pulled out all the stops to impress. The winning entry – by Natalie Williams – was a truly spectacular sponge cake that featured a hand-painted bird as the design.

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It’s Nearly Bake-Off Time…

It’s nearly time for our Super+Super Bake Off Competition happening this Sunday. We decided to organise the competition to raise money for Brighton-based children’s charity Rockinghorse. Because we love baking and are a little obsessed with The Great British Bake Off, we thought a bake-off was a perfect way to do it.

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Easy Peasy Almond Biscuits

I don’t always have the best of luck with biscuits. They often turn out soft. Or flavour-less. Or (especially now that I have a distracting toddler) completely burned. But these ones are the easiest biscuits I’ve ever made and they’re impossible to get wrong. Okay, I guess you could still burn them… So try not to do that. I found this recipe in an old Be-Ro book from the 60s – they’re my mum’s go-to biscuit recipe. So I thought I’d share…

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Cheese and Chive Soft Pretzels

In honour of this week’s Great British Bake Off, and Paul Hollywood’s bread-making skills, I decided to deviate from my usual cake-baking escapades and try my hand at a dough-based challenge.

I’ve always wanted to try to recreate those big, soft, chewy pretzels synonymous with New York. I found a brilliant recipe for these in this Great British Bake Off book and then experimented with my own toppings.

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A Super Bake Off!

Stripy Tiger Cake

If you’ve read our blog before you’ll know we love baking. We’re really excited to be involved in organising a bake off competition with Brighton’s creative duo Super+Super. When one half of Super+Super, Claire, asked if we’d do a guest blog for her, it had to be a cake-based one. We made this chocolate orange and vanilla stripy cake. For the full recipe hop on over to She’s Called Claire’s blog.

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Calling all Brighton Bakers


I’m helping to organise a baking competition with the lovely girls at Super+Super to raise money for the Brighton-based charity Rockinghorse. If you’re in or around the Brighton area and want to put your baking skills to the test then come and join us on Sunday 8th September.

For the full lowdown on the competition, head on over to the Super+Super blog.

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