Life in Pictures

This week we hopped on a train to London and went for a sneaky peak at the Laura Ashley SS2016 collection. We’ve been really lucky to be working on some projects for them so they kindly invited us. It was so nice to get back to London – both of us used to live there BC and we miss it (ish). The collection was awesome, loads of twinkly garden lighting and some gorgeous mugs. We were mentally making a shopping list as we were wandering round the show!

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DIY copper Magazine Rack

magazine rack 7

A friend of mine recently showed me how easy it is to make things out of copper piping (she made an awesome table with some piping and scaffold boards….clever girl). You don’t need to be a fancy welder, all you need is some strong glue and a little device that cuts the copper pipe with a simple twist. I found this post by the awesome fallfordiycom which uses wooden poles alongside copper joins. I wanted the full copper look on my magazine rack so I went and bought myself some piping – the whole thing cost me under £20 (but I did have the fabric already).

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DIY Wedding Cake Tutorial

My brother and his Fiancee, Nora, got married last week and to help them save some pennies I offered to make their wedding cake. Nerve-wracking as this was (What am I thinking?! What if it goes WRONG!), making the cake was a lot easier than I thought it would be. If you’re interested in making a wedding cake yourself, read on…

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