How to Make Slime!

How to make Slime by Little Button Diaries halloween

How have been crafting/blogging for four years and never made slime! It is the best kids craft we’ve ever made, full STOP. It’s really easy to make with food colouring, PVA and contact lens solution. Which sounds odd, doesn’t it. Here’s our little how-to video, or read on for the step by step tutorial.

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How to Make a Piped & Appliqued Pillow

applique and piped pillow tutorial

A couple of weeks ago I was very happy to be asked if I would be godmother to a beautiful little baby called Olive. She is such a joyful little girl, I decided I’d make her a little colourful cushion to match her personality. I’ve never piped fabric before so I thought I’d give that a shot. Its easy! I’m piping everything from now on…

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Make a Little Girl’s Dress From A Man’s Shirt

dress from shirt tutorial

Whilst going through a bag of clothes ready for the charity shop, we found a couple of mens shirts that were too nice to get rid of.  We decided that we would snip them up and turn them into dresses for our little girls, using the buttons down the front as the buttons on the dress. We’re big fans of upcycling and this seemed like a pretty straightforward project.  It took us a while – toddlers are not the most willing of models – but we were so happy with the outcome.

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Toddler Tassel Skirt

toddler tassel skirt tutorial

We do a lot of sewing projects here at Little Button Diaries, but we only think to make skirts when the sun comes out. It turns out the last one I made was this time last year! So I thought it was about time to flex my skirt-making muscles again, for this playful, summery skirt.

The pattern I followed came from the excellent website made. As the skirt is basically just two rectangles sewn together, it’s really simple to make and then embellish.

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A Confetti Birthday Cake

funfetti birthday cake tutorial 16


Laura had a birthday last week so I decided to bake her a cake – and if there’s one thing Laura loves most… well, that would be tea.  But cake is definitely up there! I’ve seen a lot of funfetti cakes out there recently so I decided to make one with the help of Mary Berry. This recipe is adapted from her confetti party cake recipe, but those are tray bakes so I used 2 x 20cm round tins and upped the quantity by a third.

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Nap Time Crafts: Felt Bow Clips

I don’t know about you, but I find that the only hair clips available to buy for toddlers are pretty hideous. Pink fairies, glittery flowers and gross plastic hearts. But its easy to make your own and it takes all of about ten minutes. I was only going to make a couple but I got a bit addicted and ended up making 7.

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