Ikea Lampshade Hack

ikea lampshade hack by little button diaries

We love a hack over at Little Button Diaries HQ (does that make us sound fancy? Like we have big offices and staff and stuff? hmm) and this one is super peasy. I’ve had this adorable amazing wrapping paper from dotcomgiftshop for a while and wanted to make a paper lampshade out of it. But to be honest, I’m no origami pro and I kept messing it up and wasting the paper.

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Guest Post from Make, Do and Push!

We love reading what other bloggers feel passionately enough about to recommend online. At Little Button Diaries we’re all about sharing the love. So we asked the delightful Hannah from Make, Do and Push! what her favourite things are right now. Hannah writes a brilliant blog about her life; from pregnancy, parenting and postpartum fashion to beauty, crafting and her upcoming wedding.

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