Are all Toddlers Vain? How to Make a Photo Puzzle

personalised photo puzzle DIY

This is a question I ask myself daily. My Little Button simply loves photos of herself and making funny faces in the mirror. Are other toddlers like this? One of the other things she’s into at the moment is a good puzzle, so I made her a personalised photo puzzle to enjoy. This puzzle is fairly simple to make, only needs a few materials but does need good cutting skills, so it’s a project to do when you’ve got good powers of concentration. My first attempt gave Grayson one eye as I did it when I was particularly tired!

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Kids Projects: Cardboard Tube & Egg Box Easter Animals

kids projects - cardboard bunnies and chicks

Hooray it’s Easter weekend! If you fancy getting stuck into some craft with the kids then try our cardboard tube and egg box bunnies and chicks. For our four full tutorials hop on over to Hobbycraft:

Cardboard Tube Easter Chick Cardboard Tube Easter Bunny Egg Box Easter Bunny

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