Life In Pictures: Bodiam Castle

bodiam castle - little button diaries

So a while ago, before coat-wearing weather was truly upon us, we took a family trip to Bodiam Castle. We’ve been kinda busy of late with work and other commitments so it’s taken a little while to sort these photos out. When we’ve got a free weekend we seem to venture out to a National Trust place, at least while the weather was warm enough, and this one has to be a new favourite.

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Life In Pictures

little button diaries mini maker photoshoot 1

This week we’ve had a busy week of work leading up to a photoshoot for the front cover of our third book. The girls were collectively the best behaved they’ve ever been at one of these shoots (probably because of the biscuit bribery we used!).


This was the highlight of the shoot, where we gave them handfuls of glitter and they had to blow it towards the camera. The poor photographer ended up looking like a glitter ball by the fourth take. In between photos there was quite a lot of waiting around whilst things got set up but they seemed to be quite happy amusing themselves sat on a window ledge for most of it.

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A Few of Our Favourite Things

a few of our favourite things

1. Little Bird – Most of you with kids will be familiar with Jools Oliver’s lovely line of adorable kids clothing at Mothercare. It is my absolute favourite – every single thing they create is cute, colourful and good quality. And its no more expensive than anything else in Mothercare. Win!

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Life in Pictures

paradise park newhaven 4

Life in Pictures is our weekly mini-gallery of what our Little Buttons have been up to over the past seven days.


Applique Skirt and Braces DIY


We are big fans of the clothing range Little Bird here at Little Button Diaries. So much so that we would happily buy the entire range every time a new season comes out. After I spotted this adorable skirt with braces in the latest collection, I decided I wanted to try to make my own variation in blue, to fit with my Little Button’s wardrobe.

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