Happy 4th Birthday, Harper!

happy birthday harper

So four years ago at 12.58am, this little one turned me into a Mama. And I can’t believe I’m now a mum of a little girl almost at school. I feel like I’ve blinked and these early years have gone in a bit of  blur. So I’m going to put the brakes on til September so we can just hang out (I so wish we were the Gilmore Girls!)

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Life In Pictures – A Bit of Life Lately

nymans - little button diaries

So lately I’ve been pretty rubbish at plate spinning. I seem to have picked too many up and have been crazily spinning hands, feet, head… well, you get the idea. As a result we have a messy house, a lot of unfinished craft projects and haven’t been spending a lot of family time out and about. Even when we have ventured out, my big camera hasn’t really come with us. So Life In Pictures is a bit of a mish mash this week.

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Life In Pictures: Lordington Lavender Fields

lordington lavender fields - little button diaries

We’ve been doing this blog for three years and, shamelessly, I’m always on the lookout for nice backdrops to photograph my Buttons. It was my birthday recently, so when my husband asked what I wanted to do for the day the conversation went like this:

Husband: “What do you want to do for your birthday?”

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1,096 Days of Crafting

littlebuttondiaries3rd birthday

Hooray!! Today we’re celebrating our third blogiversary (Yes we made that word up. And?!).  In the three years since starting the blog, we’ve written 4 books, won 2 awards and worked with some brands we love. We couldn’t have imagined when starting this online diary what path it would have taken us down and we are so grateful to everyone who has ever read our blog.

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Life In Pictures: A Bit of Life Lately

Arlington bluebell walk


Life in Pictures is a bit of this-and-that this week. We’ve been on a few family outings over the past few weeks and have only come back with a few snaps from them, so I’ve put them all together (we haven’t been that busy in one week!)


We went to visit the Arlington Bluebell Walk for a little stroll. We were so ill prepared as it was really muddy and we hadn’t brought wellies and it was freezing. After this photo Harper refused to get out of the buggy as it was too ‘yucky’. Luckily Grayson was quite happy toddling around for a bit. Not one of our most successful trips out but you live and learn, right?

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Brilliance in Blogging Awards

brilliance in blogging awards little button diaries

Hello folks! We wanted to let you know that nominations have opened up for the BiB (Brilliance in Blogging) Awards. We really are grateful to anyone who reads, likes and comments on our blog and if you like our blog we would love your vote. We’re small fry against the giants of the blogging world, but we put our hearts into this blog –  we hope that shows in the content we write.

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Life In Pictures


When the sun is shining Brighton is just brilliant. We’re really lucky to live so close to the sea, so we often pop down to the seafront for a wander (along with the rest of Brighton it seems!). We went for a coffee during the week and went to say hello to the sea. Unbeknown to me we got a bit lot too close to the waves and got drenched feet within about five minutes of being there. Both Harper and I walked around with a nice squelchy sound for the rest of the day.

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A Channel Mum Introduction

Happy Easter everyone! Last month we joined Channel Mum, the first (and friendliest) YouTube community for mums. We’re very happy to be part of this network, which has loads of tips, tricks, recipes and parenting advice from lots of mums. It’s funny, honest and useful – so if you’re a mum and haven’t checked it out yet, you should!

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Life In Pictures: London Zoo

london zoo 1

We paid a visit to London Zoo recently and Harper’s face says it all. It might have been absolutely freezing but she was in awe and so excited to go to the zoo and see some of the animals we keep reading about in her books. We took along her cardboard binoculars (tutorial coming soon) and gave her a disposable camera to take photos of all the things she wanted to remember from the day. I can’t wait to get them developed, though I’m pretty sure the whole camera is basically going to be the ground, the inside of the changing bag and hopefully a blurry tiger or penguin.

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Life In Pictures

little button diaries mini maker photoshoot 1

This week we’ve had a busy week of work leading up to a photoshoot for the front cover of our third book. The girls were collectively the best behaved they’ve ever been at one of these shoots (probably because of the biscuit bribery we used!).


This was the highlight of the shoot, where we gave them handfuls of glitter and they had to blow it towards the camera. The poor photographer ended up looking like a glitter ball by the fourth take. In between photos there was quite a lot of waiting around whilst things got set up but they seemed to be quite happy amusing themselves sat on a window ledge for most of it.

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Life In Pictures

grandparents 2

This week, well, to be honest – its been raining and freezing for most the week so to say we have done a great deal…. would be a bit fat lie! Harper did get to spend some quality time with the grandparents which was a nice break.


Before kids I never thought I’d give mine an ipad. And yet here I am, it gets whipped out more than it probably should!

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Our Big Announcement!


Sorry in advance for our inability to remain cool throughout this post. BUT we are just too excited…we can’t contain it.  We spent all of last year working on some really big projects behind the scenes of the blog and we’re finally able to tell you about them. We’ve been writing three kids crafts books. Our first two books (our books! Squeeal!) are officially published and available now to pre-order (available to buy from March).  Our third one is out later in the year.

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Life In Pictures: Sheffield Park

sheffield park 6

We took a trip to Sheffield Park to get some fresh air and start using our newly purchased National Trust membership.  Its such a lovely place, surrounded by lakes with ducks everywhere.

Lilah decided that ducks are absolutely terrifying. She went from feeding them happily to screaming within about 3 seconds.

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Life In Pictures: Ice Ice Baby

During the Christmas break I had grand plans of putting my feet up and switching the computer off for a week or so. Unluckily, I ended up getting flu and missing the whole thing. But we did manage to do one winter activity and take a trip to the Brighton Pavilion Ice Rink for a turn around the ice with a nice penguin called Magnus. We had the help of the grandparents to look after Grayson, and wave from the side of the rink, which was such a nice treat.

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Life In Pictures: Christmas Time

grandparents bw

Sad sad faces that Christmas is gone. It seemed to be over before it really got going didn’t it? And now I’m joining the rest of the nation feeling grumpy, fat and poor. But we did have a really lovely time, so I can’t complain. It was the first time I had ever been away from my parents for Christmas and I was anxious about that (fully appreciating how wet that sounds given I’m nearly 34) and also nervous about having people over here. I never really thought about how much pressure there is to make Christmas dinner nice…. if it tastes crap then it’s crap for everyone! But thanks to Ocado and the immense amount of dinner options you can buy ready made (like, all of it), it tasted lovely. Phew!

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