Coffee & Walnut Whip Cake

coffee walnut whip cake recipe

It was my lovely mother in-laws birthday recently so I wanted to make her a cake for the celebration. In true Great British Bake-Off style I went for a classic cake and a little twist – coffee and walnut whip cake. I used my favourite recipe for this cake by Lorraine Pascale from her book, Fast, Fresh and Easy Food.

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A Few of Our Favourite Things

A few of our favourite things

From a craft must-have and a baby delight to bakers’ treats and a photographers’ bible – here are a few of the things that are bringing sparkle into our lives right now (besides our Little Buttons!)1. I was very excited when Lorraine Pascale released her latest book, A Lighter Way To Bake, last week. I’ve been a fan since her first book and she is my cooking goddess. Her recipes are always inventive and delicious, and this book features versions that are lighter in calories or sugar, so it’s a win-win purchase. I’m already working my way through the book, and have bookmarked most of the recipes to try at a later date.

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Skinny Biscotti and Fat Hot Chocolate


It rained a lot here in the UK yesterday and I got absolutely soaked while out and about in Brighton. After drying off and putting my PJs back on (at lunchtime!) I decided to bake an afternoon treat while Little Button slept. Not for the first time this week, I turned to Lorraine Pascale’s new book, A Lighter Way to Bake, forinspiration.

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A Super Bake Off!

Stripy Tiger Cake

If you’ve read our blog before you’ll know we love baking. We’re really excited to be involved in organising a bake off competition with Brighton’s creative duo Super+Super. When one half of Super+Super, Claire, asked if we’d do a guest blog for her, it had to be a cake-based one. We made this chocolate orange and vanilla stripy cake. For the full recipe hop on over to She’s Called Claire’s blog.

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